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3Z9KSO LP ALLFT950 Antenna Opti Bim GP7Dx FD4
4Z5KUSO HP ALL73 de 4z5ku
5R8SVSO LP ALLTnx all for putting up with tenuous contacts. 50W and a hex beam
7L4IOUSA LP ALLThank you for the wonderful contest
7N2UQCSA LP ALLI could enjoy this contest. Rig is IC-7600(100W) and ANT is Dipole
8P50BSO LP 20MHad a couple power outages
9A1AMMWe had some problems with CAT cable on 20M station causing some time wrong indentification of station frequency. Station VY2/DJ7JC was typing Z01.We checked it several times. Again we had young team members.They are from 9A7RA to 9A3EFD
9A3VMSO HP 20M24.9.2017.At the very beginning I had problems with the CAT cable so I am not sure if all the freqencies were listed properly
9H1AESA LP ALLMany thanks for nice contest. Best 73 de 9H1AE Savas
9M6XROSO HP ALLMy Rig Yaesu FT-920 and VL-1000 Quadra Linear @ 400w. Ants @ 27m (HF) 2-el Lightning Bolt Quad (LF) Inv Vee DP Plenty of activity. I was kept busy but propagation to NA except for some West Coast just did not happen this year. Near zero to East Coast and
9V1XXSA LP 15MFT-897 100W DP DP
9W6EZSO LP ALLMore than half of my contacts were on 10m (99% JA stations)
A61EKSA HP ALLrookie licence issued on 10 mar 2015
AB8MM240 and 80 were tough nuts to crack on Friday and Saturday nights. Almost had no EU on Friday night and conditions were only marginally better on Saturday. Looking at last year's logs, we had much better condx to Europe on the low bands in 2016. As a resul
AC8JFSO LP ALLEnjoyed my first RTTY contest
AD1CSA LP ALLAfter having operated FT8 using WSJT-X almost exclusively for the better part of three weeks before the contest, RTTY is a lot of work! I heard a couple of JA on 15 late Sunday afternoon but not strong enough to work. Conditions were not nearly as bad as
AF7NXSO LP ALLLicensed 1/23/2015
AT3TSA HP ALLA bit of RTTY DXing - was fun :)
AT5MSO HP 15MFT-2000D - Hex Beam - ZLP Electronics sound card interface - 150W Fairly good conditions this contest compared to the last few weeks. Unfortunately could not spnd much time in the shack on Sunday. Good runs on 15m Will be back for sure next year too
BI4WOPSO LP ALLLicensed on April 12th, 2017
BI8AKTSO LP ALL11/13/2015
CG6LBSA LP ALLNot bad considering the lack of solar flux
CM8NMNSO LP 40MLic: 43478 Feb. 26 2015
CT7AIXSO LP 15MRunning an Icom IC-7300 @ 100W into a Dipole Antenna. CU next year. 73
DB8AHSO LP ALLMy first RTTY Contest, 73 Heinz DB8AH
DC9ZPSO HP ALLTNX for the Contest.. Vy 73 Manfred, DC9ZP
DD0VSSO QRP ALLNot too bad condx compared to WAEDC SSB with X-Flare
DD1JNSA HP ALLIC-7700 Acom 1000 Kelemen Dipol 10-15-20-40-80m
DF4JMSO LP ALL19.03.2016
DF6YCSA LP ALLshort but nice for me, please use only as a checklog
DG1RPUSO LP ALLTRX Kenwood TS-2000X Dipol
DG3ISSO LP ALLworking 40W with Mag.-Loop excellent conditions
DH1TSTSA LP 80M80m only
DJ3GESO QRP ALLQRP 5 Watt from FT817 via tuner Z11 to antennas FD3 off-center-fed dipole 21m long, 8m high on 7 MHz-band MFB23 3-band-2-element-Mini-Yagi, 11m high on 14 and 21 MHz -band
DJ6TKSO HP 15MVery poor Cobndx
DK2CFSO HP ALLhttp://www.b4h.net/cabforms/cqwwrtty_cab.php is incompatible with any log-programms
DK5DCSA LP ALLJust a couple of hours
DK7HASO QRP 20MK3/10, 5 watt GPA30 Thanks to the organizers for the contest and all who digged my qrp- signal out of the noise. There was neither really time to fully participate nor to set-up the antennas. However, I could not resist and joined just for a single-band q
DL0LKSA HP 20MA guy from our club made a few QSO on other bands when I was at home. Hope you can correct the log so that the other Stations don't miss these QSO
DL1HBTSA LP ALLEnjoyed it very much. Thnaks tp all who made it into my log. vy 73/55, Tom - rig
DL3CBSO QRP ALLOnly a few Hours because QRL and Family but a lot of fun Tnx for the Points with only 5 Watt
DL3SYASO LP ALLTS-590SG, 75 Watt to 2-Elel.-FD4 for all bands, MixW 3.2.102
DL5KUDSO LP ALLRig ICOM7400 at 80watts, Dipole up 7 m only
DL5NAMSA HP ALLHad 21 hours fun, TNX
DL6ABBSO QRP ALLIt was a pleasure working the ww rtty test with my KX3
DL6DJSO LP ALLCU in the next PSK / SSB / RTTY Contest
DL6TSSO LP ALLTnx for super contest, vy good job
DL8TGSO QRP ALLThanks for the great event. Take care and 73 Klaus


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