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637 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
501KG5HVOW42018SO QRP ALL (C)4,464561516313.5 
502W4GDGW42015SO QRP ALL4,0806988359.0 
503N4NQYW42017SO QRP ALL (C)4,004401322173.5  
504YO4RSTYO2016SO QRP ALL3,95940815141.7 
505EA4UEA2020SO QRP ALL (C)3,91548123125.2 
506DL2DWPDL2018SO QRP ALL3,87049103415.5 
507N6HIW72016SO QRP ALL (C)3,8695714132612.2 
508KI4FWW42016SO QRP ALL3,752561521316.5  
509KI0GW02016SO QRP ALL3,723541117239.2 
510YB1DGGYB2022SO QRP ALL3,700421225 4.0 
511IK2EBPI2019SO QRP ALL3,58835142752.9 
512E73ZE72016SO QRP ALL3,56937152264.0 
513EA7/LA7VRAEA2012SO QRP ALL3,496511028 1.8 
514YC1HBPYB2017SO QRP ALL3,480441624 8.5 
515YC8FEEYB2022SO QRP ALL3,47949192825.8 
516PE1RIKPA2012SO QRP ALL3,416451827112.2 
517EA3FEA2021SO QRP ALL3,402351116151.5 
518AI9KW92016SO QRP ALL3,380471516218.8 
519DL1LMHDL2023SO QRP ALL (R)3,344501226 4.5 
520AF9JW92014SO QRP ALL3,240401817258.0 
521F4GTDF2012SO QRP ALL3,182431126 2.1 
522EA7HOJEA2012SO QRP ALL3,18041183232.0 
523M0MVBG2013SO QRP ALL3,10840102523.3 
524IW2JRVI2018SO QRP ALL (C)3,09647102855.9 
525W6GMTW02019SO QRP ALL3,0876597339.2 
526UA3GQUA-32020SO QRP ALL3,06951724 1.9 
527TA3OWLTA2022SO QRP ALL3,0423961736.2 
528VE6SKYVE62014SO QRP ALL3,00339107222.5 
529DH0JAEDL2013SO QRP ALL2,97629202532.6 
530W6AEA/7W72012SO QRP ALL2,940441514132.2 
531W6GMTW02020SO QRP ALL2,8916696347.7 
532N6HIW72020SO QRP ALL2,83562972912.3 
533R5FQUA-32021SO QRP ALL2,72050824 2.2 
534DL2BISDL2022SO QRP ALL2,660391025 2.3 
535BG6JJIBY2017SO QRP ALL2,618341321 4.2 
536IU3MDII2020SO QRP ALL (R)2,61032142653.7 
537DK1AUPDL2017SO QRP ALL2,59236102062.7 
538KG2UW22012SO QRP ALL2,562301118131.1 
539RT5RUA-32015SO QRP ALL2,55326162014.3 
540N6HIW72018SO QRP ALL2,4644788289.8 
541EE2AEA2020SO QRP ALL (C)2,457301425 2.9EA2SN
542UZ1RMUR2023SO QRP ALL2,408421330 3.3 
543YO4AACYO2020SO QRP ALL2,40840820 4.5 
544IU2IGXI2017SO QRP ALL (R)2,3524071925.3 
545IZ2JNNI2018SO QRP ALL2,33635121915.6 
546PU3VRWPY2022SO QRP ALL2,21136131555.5 
547DH1DHDL2022SO QRP ALL (C)2,1703872312.1 
548DH5MMDL2014SO QRP ALL (C)2,01626151982.0 
549WU6KW62017SO QRP ALL (C)1,96041129285.7 
550IK3JBPI2016SO QRP ALL (C)1,93822122021.9 
5519A5M9A2016SO QRP ALL1,92022161591.7 
552DK5CFDL2015SO QRP ALL1,90439622 1.4 
553CO6ECCM2023SO QRP ALL1,890221312101.4 
554YB2CTEYB2023SO QRP ALL (C)1,82933141433.8 
555AA6OCW62018SO QRP ALL1,7104086242.6 
556DU9GTDU2021SO QRP ALL1,675421211212.1 
557YC1DGGYB2021SO QRP ALL1,674481219 5.7 
558K9XBW92023SO QRP ALL1,672331210223.8 
559TG9JMRTG2022SO QRP ALL1,650231211103.4 
560E78CBE72015SO QRP ALL1,624231118 2.6 
561JR2EKDJA22020SO QRP ALL1,62033911 3.2 
562BG6JJIBY2014SO QRP ALL1,51822151531.4 
563UA0SBQUA02016SO QRP ALL1,48826618 3.9 
564RA4FUTUA-42023SO QRP ALL1,48429820 2.3 
565UT3ITUR2014SO QRP ALL (C)1,36317111531.8 
566DF5GODL2022SO QRP ALL1,2422681814.8 
567EE2AEA2022SO QRP ALL (C)1,22224818 1.5EA2SN
568KG2UW22023SO QRP ALL1,18425814102.5 
569VA3PCJVE32020SO QRP ALL1,1782389144.5 
570JE3AKUJA32023SO QRP ALL9992091172.4 
571VA3WRVE32014SO QRP ALL9881681081.8 
572YO4AACYO2016SO QRP ALL95430414 2.6 
573JL1WCNJA12013SO QRP ALL9461891032.1 
574K1LOZW12018SO QRP ALL (C)9241999101.6 
575SQ8JMZSP2012SO QRP ALL90225616 1.2 
576KE5DXXW52022SO QRP ALL9002497142.0 
577SM6PPSSM2016SO QRP ALL90024614 2.3 
578IK1DQWI2014SO QRP ALL89114111332.1 
579JR2EKDJA22017SO QRP ALL88222711 1.9 
580AI6DOW62015SO QRP ALL (R)8702087143.6 
581LA3CLALA2023SO QRP ALL850161015 0.9 
582W6GMTW02018SO QRP ALL8373174204.9 
583EA3FHPEA2020SO QRP ALL82020515 2.2 
584PA0WYSPA2016SO QRP ALL8191871311.7 
585UT5UUVUR2014SO QRP ALL8161681421.5 
586NP3FKP42021SO QRP ALL77419810 2.2 
587YC1HBPYB2018SO QRP ALL76531710 5.2 
588N7JIW72021SO QRP ALL (C)7542087141.2 
589N6HIW72022SO QRP ALL72016111122.6 
590SP9PGESP2016SO QRP ALL72015911 1.7SP9RQH
591OK1NFOK2016SO QRP ALL (C)6901381142.3 
592WP3EKP42020SO QRP ALL (C)667138961.3NP4EG
593HK4KMHK2019SO QRP ALL66623141764.8 
594OK5SWLOK2023SO QRP ALL64619514 5.1OK2SWD
595AF9JW92015SO QRP ALL6381996143.2 
596N6GYW62014SO QRP ALL59417101432.9 
597K4SRQW42020SO QRP ALL576168793.0 
598NA7EMW72013SO QRP ALL5401391011.9 
599EE2AEA2015SO QRP ALL51014512 0.4EA2SN
600DG7EAODL2021SO QRP ALL50622616 2.5  
637 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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