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RankCallLocYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
54701RW0ARRA02006SO HIGH ALL46811 99  
547027K3OZQJA12008SO LOW 15M46814 570.3 
54703DH1MJDL2020SO LOW ALL46818 492.7 
54704VK2CZVK2013SO LOW ALL468113781.0 
54705OH6UPOH1993SO LOW ALL468      
54706DU4DXTDU2021SO QRP 15M46813 7111.7 
54707EA3EZDEA2017SA LOW ALL46518 4111.2 
54708YB0WWWYB2004SO HIGH 10M46511 69  
54709JK1LUYJA12019SO HIGH 20M (C)46513 691.3 
54710SM4JCYSM1987SO HIGH 20M46514 510  
54711LY6MLY2012SO LOW 80M46519 4110.4 
54712RW9CRA92013SA LOW 40M46412 6101.9 
54713EA4ALEA2020SO LOW ALL46416212153.9 
54714JA4RWNJA42019SO LOW ALL464123760.8 
54715DL8TGDL2019SO QRP ALL464131780.8 
54716JR4VEVJA42020SA HIGH 15M46215 566.8 
54717K8ZTW82017SA QRP ALL462115981.2 
54718K6XCW62021SO HIGH ALL (C)462103990.4 
54719DL1KIDDL2016SO HIGH ALL46212 10111.1 
54720IZ2JNNI2017SO LOW 10M46217 562.4 
54721RK9UERA92021SO LOW 20M46211 4100.8 
54722CT7ADHCT2012SO LOW ALL462125790.6 
54723SQ8NSP2017SA HIGH ALL4601228102.2  
54724YC2VOCYB2018SO LOW 80M46022 10106.7 
54725PR7KSAPY2021SO LOW ALL4601719135.8 
54726DH0JAEDL2019SO LOW ALL4601118111.4 
54727G1RVDG2020SA LOW 40M4591534102.7 
54728JE3EVIJA32020SO LOW 20M459132871.8 
54729YB2UFMYB2020SO LOW ALL (C)45920 893.6 
54730K6KOW62016SO HIGH ALL45691991.1 
54731YO2CMIYO1988SO HIGH 15M45515 58  
54732JE1GZBJA12019SO LOW 20M45521 581.5 
54733HG3FMYHA2010SA HIGH 10M45114 560.4 
54734K1PHW12016SA LOW 20M450114681.0 
54735DL7LXDL2021SO HIGH 80M45019 2131.0 
54736YC9WFPYB2012SO LOW 15M45010 8100.3 
54737LA3CLALA2017SO LOW 20M45011 7111.2 
54738HI8PLEHI2017SO LOW ALL450129540.9 
54739DL2AJBDL2011SO LOW ALL45010 990.4 
54740SM6IQDSM2019SO QRP 40M45017 3123.5 
54741PY1SGTPY2017SA LOW ALL44811 792.0 
54742KB2HSHW22019SA QRP 80M4482912223.8 
54743RK6CMUA-62012SO LOW 10M44818 4100.5 
547445W0JHQ5W2016SO LOW 15M448115541.9 
54745YD1JGEYB2018SO LOW 40M44852 358.3 
54746BI8AKTBY2017SO LOW ALL (R)44814 684.3 
54747PY2SRLPY2010SO LOW ALL44812 790.5 
54748DL2TMDL2019SO QRP 15M44816 4101.7 
54749YB0ANNYB2017SO QRP ALL448201783.5 
547509M4DXX9M22020SA LOW 80M44416 391.3JE1SCJ
54751YD3BQQYB2020SA LOW ALL44237 895.5 
54752EA4AFPEA2007SO HIGH 20M44210 710  
54753YO6FPWYO2015SO LOW 15M44210 980.3 
54754RN3DKEUA-32012SO LOW 20M44214 4130.6 
54755IZ1KGYI2008SO LOW 40M44212 5120.5 
54756HB3YKUHB2016SO LOW ALL44212 7101.6 
54757IZ8FTWI2012SO LOW ALL44212 670.7 
54758YO3AIDYO2009SO LOW ALL44212 890.8 
54759JH8KYU/1JA12007SO LOW ALL44210197  
54760CE3GCACE2020SO QRP ALL442231113105.5 
54761VK3GKVK2020SO QRP ALL442135661.9 
54762PY1SGTPY2020SA LOW ALL44117 9125.2 
54763VU3BUNVU2018SO LOW ALL44115 9125.5 
54764EA7HABEA1995SO LOW ALL44010389  
54765LZ2JRLZ2009SO HIGH 20M435124560.5 
54766YB1NINYB2021SO LOW 20M43522 694.8 
54767YC0QRYB2016SO LOW 20M (C)43512 782.1 
54768JR2EKDJA22018SO QRP 15M43511 781.3 
54769IZ7SIAI2014SO QRP 40M4351814100.6 
54770EA4BNQEA2010SO LOW ALL43413 590.5 
54771UA9URRA92016SA HIGH 20M432116750.9 
54772SN0RSP2019SA LOW 15M43212 5112.0SQ9IAU
54773IZ8JAII2010SO HIGH ALL4329 990.1 
54774UT0EOUR2010SO HIGH ALL43213 790.8 
54775DL2RCH/PDL2012SO LOW 40M43220 3131.1 
54776JH1WOYJA12019SO LOW ALL432112791.7 
54777G4NXG/MG2018SO LOW ALL4321316111.5 
54778JE6TUPJA62017SO LOW ALL432101891.8 
54779SQ2OMKSP2017SO LOW ALL4321117100.6 
54780AA9UFW92007SO LOW ALL432102610  
54781JE1UFFJA11994SO LOW ALL4329     
54782OK8EYJOK2015SO QRP 15M432141653.1  
54783OH10TAOH2017SO QRP 80M42920 381.1 
54784YC1JELYB2021SA LOW 40M4255017912.0 
54785YG3EJVYB2017SO LOW 15M (R)42513 7101.5 
54786YC1CARYB2021SO LOW ALL423923192516.7 
54787LU6UALLU2017SA LOW ALL42013 783.5 
54788SP6IHESP2006SO HIGH 15M42016 48  
54789JR1NKNJA12009SO LOW 15M42011 780.3 
54790JA8IJIJA82009SO LOW 20M42011 590.9 
54791WA2VYAW21994SO LOW ALL42010     
54792SV8DCYSV2020SO HIGH 20M418136230.9 
54793AB7YW71987SO HIGH 80M418191054  
54794KJ0PW02018SO LOW ALL (C)4181511740.7 
54795IK3SCBI1996SO LOW ALL418      
547969A5YY9A2018SA QRP 20M416143462.8 
54797KB2HSHW22020SA QRP 80M4162312221.6 
54798SP3BGDSP1993SO HIGH 20M416      
54799YB9WZJYB2016SO LOW 15M41612 580.6 
54800LZ4BULZ2015SO LOW 15M416118442.2 

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