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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
401RD3AJB2012SO LP 10M3,95255910195.5 
402KF6HI2011SO LP 10M3,9203819251.8 
403JA6GMC2014SO LP 10M3,88841113226.0 
404RW4NH2011SO LP 10M3,864321014181.6 
405EA7IA2014SO LP 10M3,82735717194.4 
406KE1F/42011SO LP 10M3,567611611141.4 
407K7MY2012SO LP 10M3,564461510111.8 
4089A2DI2010SO LP 10M3,53846 11182.0 
409JA8KGG2014SO LP 10M3,49243116197.9 
4109W6IVY2015SO LP 10M3,48875 793.6 
411K7ULS2013SO LP 10M3,44145912164.5 
412JA5XPD2011SO LP 10M3,42031811191.5 
413PU3LTA2012SO LP 10M3,268331112151.1 
414RV3LZ2013SO LP 10M3,1623614898.3 
415LU9EHU2016SO LP 10M3,1033927204.7 
416R7BN2011SO LP 10M3,0265567212.1 
417WD9FTZ/82011SO LP 10M2,98834711181.5 
418ER1OO2011SO LP 10M2,97531513171.3 
419PU2WDX2018SO LP 10M2,84833109132.8  
420LW4HBR2008SO LP 10M2,80531411181.5 
421CU2T2008SO LP 10M2,75045 9161.1CU2AF
422CT7AIX2015SO LP 10M2,68049 91112.0 
423N6BHX2011SO LP 10M2,66442410103.4 
424JH6WHN2010SO LP 10M2,61835 16181.0 
425EI3CTB2013SO LP 10M2,604342121712.6 
4269A2DI2009SO LP 10M2,60437 8201.0 
427NP3YL2010SO LP 10M2,5764117561.3 
428IW9FDD2015SO LP 10M2,54230 13183.1  
429I0LTX2011SO LP 10M2,52833414141.7 
430YT2T2009SO LP 10M2,46037 7231.5 
431YO4BTB2011SO LP 10M2,40028611150.7 
432N7FG2012SO LP 10M2,360361412141.8 
433UW1WU2013SO LP 10M2,30428612143.2 
434JK1LUY2012SO LP 10M2,27231210203.8 
435SP1RKR2010SO LP 10M2,22240 8141.3 
436SO8T2012SO LP 10M2,06432 11136.0SP8TJU
437UA6ADC2005SO LP 10M1,87623     
438YO2MIL2011SO LP 10M1,85031617141.6 
439JE2UFF2010SO LP 10M1,76428 14140.8 
440ZL3AB2011SO LP 10M1,71125810111.7 
441JA8KGG2013SO LP 10M1,71024611133.5 
442US7IA2010SO LP 10M1,70826 11170.8 
443S51MA2009SO LP 10M1,70135 7141.3 
444K7ULS2015SO LP 10M1,63831 8106.1 
445IT9TFX2015SO LP 10M1,46423 10142.7 
446F4BRV2016SO LP 10M1,38026 10134.1 
447IT9NAN2017SO LP 10M1,36820 10143.4 
448RA4FP2015SO LP 10M1,36524 91218.2 
449LZ2JA2005SO LP 10M1,34421     
450IT9RBW2013SO LP 10M1,31240 6102.3 
451DN3CX2014SO LP 10M1,30017210140.7DE1NBK
452KO4OL2011SO LP 10M1,2962419171.0 
453SP4DM2010SO LP 10M1,28820 10130.6 
454IK8GYQ2011SO LP 10M1,28028 9111.0 
455M0TQR2014SO LP 10M1,1272018145.6 
456KD8COO2014SO LP 10M1,054331010115.5 
457W9KVR2015SO LP 10M1,00738271011.0 
458PY5II2016SO LP 10M98718 6153.1 
459K4WI2016SO LP 10M94524 4115.4 
460XE2O2014SO LP 10M945247774.9 
461JH1LNL2012SO LP 10M819167770.5 
462SQ9IAU2014SO LP 10M80512111110.7 
463JF1OVA2017SO LP 10M75017 694.5 
464UN4PG2016SO LP 10M74016 9111.7 
465N8HM/32011SO LP 10M7362028131.1 
466HL5YI2011SO LP 10M722135770.7 
467IW2NRI2014SO LP 10M684125771.0 
468BG6IF2011SO LP 10M60523 471.2 
469IT9NAN2018SO LP 10M55116 6134.0 
470LU7BTO2008SO LP 10M540132990.3 
471UN5J2011SO LP 10M50412 4100.4 
472IZ2JNN2017SO LP 10M46217 562.4 
473RK6CM2012SO LP 10M44818 4100.5 
474KG9Z/82010SO LP 10M403111570.4 
475JE2SOY2009SO LP 10M40316 580.8 
476CE7BIY2013SO LP 10M391123770.4 
4779W6IVY2016SO LP 10M39022 331.7 
478JA8KGG2015SO LP 10M39010 671.4 
4799W2VVH2014SO LP 10M374102781.8 
480SV1GYG2017SO LP 10M35210 791.8 
481SQ6ELV2005SO LP 10M35110     
482JJ1KZZ2012SO LP 10M33895530.2 
483UZ7HO2008SO LP 10M33613 590.2 
484CE3PCG2013SO LP 10M300103660.2CE3TKV
485K7ULS2010SO LP 10M279111440.2 
486G7TWC2010SO LP 10M27010 557.2 
487JF1OVA2019SO LP 10M23110 561.2 
488N3HCN2014SO LP 10M22495560.7 
489KD4JMV2015SO LP 10M2109 461.2 
490CA3SOC2013SO LP 10M1707 550.6 
491EA4BNQ2012SO LP 10M15676430.2 
4929W2VVH2016SO LP 10M1506 552.1 
493JH8SEG/12014SO LP 10M904234 
494RW3RQ2018SO LP 10M776 341.2  
495UR5NHL2016SO LP 10M543 33 
496W1DY/52005SO LP 10M543     
497JL2OGZ/22015SO LP 10M453 230.1 
498OK1ULE2012SO LP 10M326 13 
499UA6JD2005SO LP 10M242     
500CT1FUH2011SO LP 10M214 340.1 

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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