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2309 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
2201JH3WKEJA31995SO HIGH 20M9703555   
2202ON6CQON1992SO HIGH 20M968216151  
2203KL7DXKL2007SO HIGH 20M96631554AL1G 
2204OK3KSKOKOM1989SO HIGH 20M946181174  
2205JK1LUYJA12007SO HIGH 20M924189111  
2206OZ4FFOZ1994SO HIGH 20M92416     
2207KB7OLZW71994SO HIGH 20M89124     
2208K7HCP/4W41987SO HIGH 20M8911610116  
2209JA1PIGJA12018SO HIGH 20M882147860.9 
2210SQ9FCHSP2007SO HIGH 20M88221513   
2211RK3DOVUA-32002SO HIGH 20M88223417   
2212WB8ORVW81996SO HIGH 20M882      
2213KI0HAW02017SO HIGH 20M (C)8641881065.9 
2214JF2OHQJA22014SO HIGH 20M86414111212.4 
2215IK2DPPI2012SO HIGH 20M86021515 0.5 
2216WO4OW42007SO HIGH 20M860176113  
2217G8UYDG2007SO HIGH 20M85024413   
2218E21EICHS2002SO HIGH 20M840151010   
2219G4JLUG1987SO HIGH 20M828156134  
2220K0FMRW01987SO HIGH 20M828315513  
2221EA2IAEA1993SO HIGH 20M820      
2222KC0RETW02007SO HIGH 20M79224879  
2223N7IXIW71992SO HIGH 20M78021758  
2224ON4APUON1990SO HIGH 20M77713777  
2225VK8BEVK1994SO HIGH 20M76816     
2226EB1DMQEA2018SO HIGH 20M (R)76022515 2.7  
2227N7IXIW71991SO HIGH 20M759216611  
2228LA8RLLA1993SO HIGH 20M756      
2229SP5XOVSP2007SO HIGH 20M74818710   
2230KI5IBW51994SO HIGH 20M74034     
2231EW7EWEU2004SO HIGH 20M7362079   
2232A61ZXA62017SO HIGH 20M (C)72016610 0.8 
2233VK8BEVK1993SO HIGH 20M720      
2234VY1XYVE82020SO HIGH 20M7052332101.4 
2235VK2BQSVK1994SO HIGH 20M70216     
2236RA4LKUA-42007SO HIGH 20M70013911   
2237YU7AEYT2000SO HIGH 20M70017515   
2238SP9AUVSP1989SO HIGH 20M684167102  
2239N2CQW21992SO HIGH 20M68013695  
2240W2ARPW42020SO HIGH 20M6751881432.3 
2241JI1KLLJA12016SO HIGH 20M (R)66515712 4.8 
2242VU2IJVU1987SO HIGH 20M65615511   
2243UU7JMUR2008SO HIGH 20M651111011 0.1 
2244W2KHQW21988SO HIGH 20M63015786  
2245JH8DBJJA82013SO HIGH 20M6121241120.8 
2246NU4NW41987SO HIGH 20M59814878  
2247DJ6ARDL2004SO HIGH 20M59512665  
2248DU7AFTDU1996SO HIGH 20M578      
2249KA4OTBW52023SO HIGH 20M5752078101.1 
2250PY2KPPY2023SO HIGH 20M5701071020.7  
2251W4UWW41997SO HIGH 20M570      
2252UT8IMUR1994SO HIGH 20M57024     
2253JH8QBYJA81989SO HIGH 20M57011892  
2254BV4VQBV2020SO HIGH 20M5403045 0.9 
2255WB8SFFW81987SO HIGH 20M525118102  
2256OH2CIOH2023SO HIGH 20M52211810 1.0 
2257W4UKW42019SO HIGH 20M496217631.6 
2258OH1LVROH1997SO HIGH 20M496      
2259HA5EAHA1996SO HIGH 20M493      
2260KP4JRSKP42004SO HIGH 20M48613549  
2261AE7VAW72018SO HIGH 20M (C)468128641.8 
2262JK1LUYJA12019SO HIGH 20M (C)4651369 1.3 
2263SM4JCYSM1987SO HIGH 20M46514510   
2264EA4AFPEA2007SO HIGH 20M44210710   
2265LZ2JRLZ2009SO HIGH 20M435125640.5 
2266SV8DCYSV2020SO HIGH 20M418132360.9 
2267SP3BGDSP1993SO HIGH 20M416      
2268PY4CELPY2000SO HIGH 20M4051069   
2269VE3EVVVE31995SO HIGH 20M39212437  
2270RA4LKUA-42002SO HIGH 20M3849781  
2271VE7BDQVE71987SO HIGH 20M36012438  
2272EA2CCGEA2007SO HIGH 20M33611410   
2273OZ4FFOZ1993SO HIGH 20M328      
2274KI7AOW71996SO HIGH 20M315      
2275PA5MFPA2023SO HIGH 20M3081429 0.9 
2276DU1TVDU1987SO HIGH 20M300966   
2277SP2UU/1SP1987SO HIGH 20M3009591  
2278K3DCWW32017SO HIGH 20M252948 0.8 
2279KA4OTBW42007SO HIGH 20M231838   
2280YB0ECTYB2007SO HIGH 20M220846   
2281SP9DVZSP1990SO HIGH 20M2169471  
2282G1WG2023SO HIGH 20M (C)20875620.8EA1DDO
2283JH1HGFJA11993SO HIGH 20M187      
2284BW2/JH0KHRBV2003SO HIGH 20M1851823   
2285ZA1ABZA1994SO HIGH 20M1767     
2286PY5DKPY2019SO HIGH 20M13265520.3 
2287YO2CMIYO2007SO HIGH 20M130555   
2288NC6PW62008SO HIGH 20M96444 0.3 
2289UA3UCDUA-32018SO HIGH 20M (C)84534 0.2 
2290IN3EEFI2008SO HIGH 20M8044310.2 
2291JA2HBKJA21994SO HIGH 20M704     
2292LU8FDZLU1993SO HIGH 20M63      
2293HK4GFDHK1987SO HIGH 20M494331  
2294EA8AZMEA81987SO HIGH 20M423222  
2295HK4GGFHK1987SO HIGH 20M423331  
2296HK4KLVHK1987SO HIGH 20M425221  
2297JA1UOAJA12016SO HIGH 20M40444 0.2 
2298JF2QNMJA22009SO HIGH 20M36322 0.1 
2299RV6ASUUA-62003SO HIGH 20M32322   
2300KC2FJSW22003SO HIGH 20M303222  
2309 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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