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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
101AB9YC2019SA LP 40M23,06824450121710.0 
102DF7JC2016SA LP 40M22,9221581116468.9 
103YT9VM2019SA LP 40M22,002212114426.1 
1049A3BWW2013SA LP 40M21,2281853114411.1 
105YT2B2014SA LP 40M20,7461251415535.1 
1069M4DXX2019SA LP 40M20,496135315388.1JE1SCJ
107OL6D2019SA LP 40M19,08014210154714.1OK1DWQ
1085P9X2014SA LP 40M18,540155511444.0OZ9GA
109LA7IJA2014SA LP 40M18,425138812479.9 
110E77EA2019SA LP 40M18,408173112398.1 
111IZ0UME2019SA LP 40M18,3001536104512.3 
112NX6T2018SA LP 40M17,1601794416187.8WQ6X 
1139A9TT2019SA LP 40M16,632198 73710.8 
114SO5WD2018SA LP 40M16,524162294016.6 
115IK7XNF2014SA LP 40M16,4701547104411.3 
116SO5WD2019SA LP 40M16,072172174132.8 
117YU7U2019SA LP 40M16,07219526332.9 
118EW4C2017SA LP 40M15,860156 11419.4 
119IK2WAD2019SA LP 40M15,635133411447.0 
120S50RY2018SA LP 40M15,63515079378.2S53K 
1217L4IOU2015SA LP 40M15,55212010183620.6 
122OK2RN2017SA LP 40M15,5251111213443.8 
123PH9B2014SA LP 40M14,99115139456.9 
124WU0B2016SA LP 40M14,8001173213299.3 
125OU2X2017SA LP 40M14,7841071174616.1OZ1AXG
126UY2ZA2018SA LP 40M14,336113413476.0 
127RL6MA2012SA LP 40M13,671155 84110.8 
128BA5DX2014SA LP 40M13,398156816188.9 
129IK4ZHH2015SA LP 40M13,039108810412.4  
130IU8FUL2018SA LP 40M12,83115317397.0 
131YB8UM2018SA LP 40M12,5821188153112.6 
132JE2CPI2014SA LP 40M11,93412813172416.4 
133UR5EPM2018SA LP 40M11,233118 8398.6 
134JA2HYD2018SA LP 40M10,81277518303.9 
135W6KY2015SA LP 40M10,4191093615189.1 
136EB1ADD2019SA LP 40M9,25088711325.8 
137YB1AR2012SA LP 40M9,20483719263.4 
138K7MKL2017SA LP 40M9,19814341101213.3 
139HI3CC2017SA LP 40M8,820972513255.6  
140SP2KAC2019SA LP 40M8,59289 93911.9 
141RA0WHE2018SA LP 40M8,04178 133010.5 
142YY4HMR2016SA LP 40M8,0049521143412.9 
143IZ0EHL2011SA LP 40M7,78895 8362.7 
144JM4WUZ2017SA LP 40M7,697101815206.5 
145S52WW2019SA LP 40M7,696109 6313.0 
146G4HVC2015SA LP 40M7,63811125318.1 
147VE3MGY2012SA LP 40M7,5259934542.6 
1484F3OM2019SA LP 40M7,296923101910.6 
149YO2CMI2018SA LP 40M7,00364168235.7 
150K9NW2016SA LP 40M6,864561810242.5 
151YB2ECG2016SA LP 40M6,70078915267.2 
152EI3CTB2018SA LP 40M6,1507526334.2 
153DL7NX2018SA LP 40M5,9285419427.5E71DX
154IK5PWS2018SA LP 40M5,5508116308.2 
155YB2ECG2015SA LP 40M5,53550614257.1 
156EA2CW2015SA LP 40M5,50258108241.7 
157UW1WU2019SA LP 40M5,47276 9274.3 
158ON4FG2017SA LP 40M5,44563110347.2 
159BH4AYG2017SA LP 40M5,2087549184.5 
160SQ9FMU2016SA LP 40M5,13055311312.7 
161IZ5IOS2018SA LP 40M5,1245848303.3 
162RA0WHE2017SA LP 40M5,10661 142312.0 
163BD6AHU2015SA LP 40M4,8761026894.5 
164KB3YVS2014SA LP 40M4,675582611185.0 
165S51RBC2019SA LP 40M4,22466 6262.6S57LR
166JP1LRT2017SA LP 40M4,14240613192.8 
167BG1DX2018SA LP 40M4,12043214244.0 
168R3LC2015SA LP 40M3,9906226273.4 
169IT9IMJ2011SA LP 40M3,64867 4282.5 
170K7EIQ2015SA LP 40M3,3975326984.2  
171YB8UTI2018SA LP 40M3,39262910136.1 
172W6RKC2012SA LP 40M3,362471810131.4 
173YD3BGM2018SA LP 40M3,36078410217.3 
174YB2ECG2018SA LP 40M3,2507969109.5 
175UZ4U2018SA LP 40M3,23738210271.9UX7UW 
176PU8YPL2017SA LP 40M3,23434382219.4 
177G3RTU2017SA LP 40M3,1024547223.5 
178W2AJW/72012SA LP 40M2,4804525781.8 
179JA0GCI2018SA LP 40M2,43039510125.2 
180HB9CAT2016SA LP 40M2,4093817253.1 
181LU1ECO2017SA LP 40M2,0462519214.2 
182YG3DGQ2018SA LP 40M1,8485357128.5 
183HS8KVH2018SA LP 40M1,84030 10135.6 
184YD5KFU2016SA LP 40M1,69635310195.7 
185IT9SFT2012SA LP 40M1,65225116111.3 
186WQ6X2016SA LP 40M1,63249216518.0 
187JA3LEB2016SA LP 40M1,60040481312.2 
188SZ1A2017SA LP 40M1,5963715150.9SV1ELF
189YD8RHD2019SA LP 40M1,0453518102.0 
190SQ9S2014SA LP 40M8361816151.1 
191JP1LRT2013SA LP 40M819206691.1 
192RA0AY2015SA LP 40M81625 796.1 
193CA3KRM2019SA LP 40M7981919115.0 
194YC0OSX2018SA LP 40M78439 5112.8 
195YD1IDC2019SA LP 40M77044 688.2 
196JG3SVP2016SA LP 40M67223 793.9 
197LU5WF2018SA LP 40M6301538102.2 
198JA8UON2019SA LP 40M57622 794.6 
199YG3EOY2018SA LP 40M510102692.7 
200RW9C2013SA LP 40M46412 6101.9 

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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