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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
101EI6JKEI2023SA HIGH 80M37,950270105369.8 
102W3/NH7CW32010SA HIGH 80M37,52125714374811.4NH7C
103KU1T/8W82014SA HIGH 80M36,56930712335216.5 
104RK9AXUA92015SA HIGH 80M34,7152331043 5.7  
105OM0AOM2021SA HIGH 80M33,687297946210.0OM0AAO
106OG2POH2019SA HIGH 80M33,2012751053 7.9 
107N6EE/1W12015SA HIGH 80M32,3961701149317.2 
108IU1JCZI2021SA HIGH 80M32,37020811551710.8 
109HA8BTHA2021SA HIGH 80M30,8002251152711.2 
110RG2YUA-32021SA HIGH 80M30,6822871048 16.0 
111SP8KSP2015SA HIGH 80M30,60031584129.5  
112LZ2ZGLZ2018SA HIGH 80M29,402262949313.5 
113IK6VXOI2021SA HIGH 80M29,37022794898.2 
114IW5EIJI2013SA HIGH 80M29,1742651042612.5 
115DL2SAXDL2012SA HIGH 80M29,10032684119.3 
116EI5KFEI2018SA HIGH 80M29,0432301039144.4 
117UT3NUR2023SA HIGH 80M28,243265850313.6UT3NK
118M2EG2022SA HIGH 80M28,090290740613.7G0RPM
119G0RPMG2015SA HIGH 80M27,755239948413.1 
120LZ2ZGLZ2019SA HIGH 80M27,500269847 13.2 
121IV3AZVI2019SA HIGH 80M26,62025784617.3 
122IO3CI2022SA HIGH 80M25,600286545 8.5 
123OH2BCKOH2014SA HIGH 80M24,576206104869.8 
124K6NDV/1W12010SA HIGH 80M24,3001801031406.5K6NDV
125UN4PGUN2019SA HIGH 80M23,616181939 12.1 
126WA8MCDW82018SA HIGH 80M21,6372651217489.8 
127DC3RJDL2012SA HIGH 80M20,06426473928.4 
128OK2SGOK2017SA HIGH 80M19,76419884427.6 
129LX7XLX2016SA HIGH 80M19,680242635 9.4LX3X
130RU6YYUA-62005SA HIGH 80M19,140181     
131TM5JF2014SA HIGH 80M18,998176104727.9F5TMJ
132EU8AEU2018SA HIGH 80M18,124219640 11.3 
133OK1DXOK2020SA HIGH 80M17,90018684024.5 
134SQ1KSP2014SA HIGH 80M17,864165104337.0 
135YO8WWYO2019SA HIGH 80M17,297190742 8.3 
136RX0ATUA02011SA HIGH 80M17,1501391237 14.6 
137VE3MGYVE32010SA HIGH 80M16,84817342467.4 
138LZ6YLZ2022SA HIGH 80M16,36216994146.7LZ1KU
139DF8AADL2021SA HIGH 80M16,01616394343.9 
140LZ2ZGLZ2013SA HIGH 80M14,7961381038610.6 
141UT5ZAUR2009SA HIGH 80M14,233177736 6.1 
142LY2SALY2020SA HIGH 80M14,168126848 2.2 
143E7CE72014SA HIGH 80M13,64016773616.5E77C
144EE5DEA2014SA HIGH 80M13,62013084757.4EA5YI
145XE1HGXE2021SA HIGH 80M13,3841221114319.8 
146MM0BQIGM2005SA HIGH 80M12,760102     
147LY5WLY2010SA HIGH 80M11,562140536 4.7 
148UT7EUR2018SA HIGH 80M11,560158634 4.8UV5EOZ
149EU3AAEU2016SA HIGH 80M11,248152632 7.2 
150OG7AOH2019SA HIGH 80M10,582144631 2.9OH6MW
151K4WWW42010SA HIGH 80M9,9961081117402.8 
152SP7IITSP2017SA HIGH 80M9,761116736 2.6 
153DO4DXADL2011SA HIGH 80M9,071108634716.3 
154DL6DHDL2021SA HIGH 80M8,9289983732.3 
155DO4DXADL2013SA HIGH 80M8,57590834715.5 
156UT5ZAUR2011SA HIGH 80M8,325143730 5.8 
157NA5NNW52015SA HIGH 80M8,1601171011394.8K2FF
158W8AKSW82013SA HIGH 80M8,142103816357.2 
159VE7CCVE72019SA HIGH 80M5,922711111253.5 
160OH5VGOH2010SA HIGH 80M5,92193526 2.5 
161EA3GCVEA2015SA HIGH 80M5,75472634215.9 
162ZM4TZL2018SA HIGH 80M5,4725567231.7ZL3IO
163YO8WWYO2009SA HIGH 80M4,72566629 1.6 
164IK2LOLI2016SA HIGH 80M4,62073431 2.4 
165JF2XGFJA22019SA HIGH 80M4,464741315821.4 
166KS0AAW02013SA HIGH 80M4,27277663627.6 
167UT5ZAUR2010SA HIGH 80M4,14459928 2.3 
168G0RPMG2012SA HIGH 80M3,68658632 3.9 
169SQ9JKSSP2008SA HIGH 80M3,30459424 2.7 
170IZ4MJPI2013SA HIGH 80M3,2674872333.1 
171JM1NKTJA12019SA HIGH 80M3,25092910610.6 
172SP7IITSP2018SA HIGH 80M2,85051525 1.0 
173IK8YFUI2010SA HIGH 80M2,59251423 5.5 
174ON9CCON2019SA HIGH 80M1,84844418 1.1 
175DN7DXDL2009SA HIGH 80M1,56047317 1.5 
176W6GJBW62016SA HIGH 80M1,2003643231.7 
177EA1DAEA2017SA HIGH 80M1,14039415 6.6  
178YU5AYT2010SA HIGH 80M90322417 0.8YU1EW
179JA5NSRJA52021SA HIGH 80M720315654.2 
1809A2G9A2015SA HIGH 80M61523411 2.0 
181JF2IWLJA22013SA HIGH 80M552473545.8 
182DN7DXDL2010SA HIGH 80M1981047 0.3 
183N1MGOW12019SA HIGH 80M187125570.6 
184YF3CYTYB2019SA HIGH 80M4211 0.1 
184 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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