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RankCallLocYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1101KO1HW12006SO HIGH 15M7,2385851428  
1102Y23VBDM1989SO HIGH 15M7,15256111522  
1103OH2LZIOH2001SO HIGH 15M7,0406811132  
1104RA3BTUA-31996SO HIGH 15M6,992      
1105OH3MFPOH1993SO HIGH 15M6,909      
1106UA4CCUA-42008SO HIGH 15M6,85464 17291.4 
1107HA0MLHA1989SO HIGH 15M6,85458131221  
1108JH9BWCJA92003SO HIGH 15M6,82564 1227  
1109JA1PTJJA12014SO HIGH 15M6,812462215155.3 
1110JA8IDSJA82019SO HIGH 15M6,76695 151912.1 
1111A31MMA32016SO HIGH 15M6,7277716871.6JA6WFM
1112EA4ZBEA2001SO HIGH 15M6,67259 1533  
1113YC8AOYB2020SO HIGH 15M6,66495 142014.4 
1114TF3VSTF2001SO HIGH 15M6,5195391232  
1115LA9TJALA2010SO HIGH 15M6,43576 9302.1 
1116IZ8CCWI2010SO HIGH 15M6,35568111292.2 
1117DF7JCDL2004SO HIGH 15M6,3005581522  
1118OK2SJIOK2002SO HIGH 15M6,22247151422  
1119RK3DXZUA-32010SO HIGH 15M6,11056 14331.7RA3DM
1120KH6GMPKH61998SO HIGH 15M5,93445     
1121JH1LNLJA12013SO HIGH 15M5,929441214237.5 
1122W8AKS/6W61989SO HIGH 15M5,8504991625  
1123JA3BSHJA31992SO HIGH 15M5,81440211218  
1124UZ2HZUR2006SO HIGH 15M5,79652101121  
1125SM7BUNSM1999SO HIGH 15M5,71260 1437  
1126XE1TDXE2021SO HIGH 15M (C)5,612581813152.0XE1H
1127KE5BKW51988SO HIGH 15M5,56849121125  
1128YC7BVYYB1992SO HIGH 15M5,5354171226  
1129RK4CWAUA-42003SO HIGH 15M5,46065 1124RK4CR 
1130EC3CYBEA1992SO HIGH 15M5,4565510925  
1131BX4AGBV2021SO HIGH 15M5,43285 8202.5 
1132OE1WWLOE1989SO HIGH 15M5,40542181514  
1133JF2FIUJA22013SO HIGH 15M5,396541110174.4 
1134UN7TWUN2007SO HIGH 15M5,35546 1431  
1135RA9FRDRA92000SO HIGH 15M5,33641121123  
1136OK2EQOK2020SO HIGH 15M5,27081 7245.9 
1137HP1ACHP1994SO HIGH 15M5,24660     
1138KE8YW82018SO HIGH 15M5,22051514265.0 
1139LZ2KRULZ1990SO HIGH 15M5,2005541224  
1140JA3MIBJA31998SO HIGH 15M5,19438     
1141OK1KMGOK2010SO HIGH 15M5,17543516242.3OK1ULE
1142W4DECW41989SO HIGH 15M5,17053141023  
1143SM3DXCSM1989SO HIGH 15M5,15265 1121  
1144VK6XXVK2020SO HIGH 15M4,96871211145.3VK6HZ
1145JA2VQFJA22013SO HIGH 15M4,86249 7272.5 
1146OH3TYOH1993SO HIGH 15M4,797      
1147LZ2ZGLZ2009SO HIGH 15M4,7165829253.1 
1148OH3BUOH2003SO HIGH 15M4,7084551326  
1149JH9BWCJA92006SO HIGH 15M4,64147 1623  
1150JH2BTMJA22016SO HIGH 15M4,63647 10283.4 
1151DF5BXDL1990SO HIGH 15M4,60637 2110  
1152UA0SWRA02009SO HIGH 15M4,56365 7202.4 
1153UT2ABUR2016SO HIGH 15M4,55742317298.7 
1154VU2PTTVU2007SO HIGH 15M4,32642 1725  
1155SP3BGDSP1994SO HIGH 15M4,32033     
1156SM4RGDSM1991SO HIGH 15M4,3205111425  
1157YC8ELYB2007SO HIGH 15M4,25137 1425  
1158RA1AWUA-11989SO HIGH 15M4,2185141221  
1159SM4BTFSM2001SO HIGH 15M4,18149 829  
1160JH1HRJJA11995SO HIGH 15M4,1734151519  
1161YO3LWYO2021SO HIGH 15M4,06841813152.6 
1162YC1UUUYB2007SO HIGH 15M4,05654 1214  
1163N0IJW01992SO HIGH 15M4,04838121220  
1164UA9MBORA91991SO HIGH 15M4,02052 822  
1165IZ7CDBI2008SO HIGH 15M3,82847 12211.4 
1166IK0EIEI2007SO HIGH 15M3,75146 1219  
1167JA1XPUJA12002SO HIGH 15M3,7383291419  
1168SP3MYSP2002SO HIGH 15M3,710409917  
1169JG3BXSJA32015SO HIGH 15M3,68640 12262.8 
1170JF3LOPJA32010SO HIGH 15M3,68635 10281.9 
1171YB3MMYB2018SO HIGH 15M3,63839 10241.8 
11729K2HN9K2016SO HIGH 15M3,62459 8160.8 
1173AO3DCREA1992SO HIGH 15M3,6083711921EA3DCR 
1174DL7BCDL2016SO HIGH 15M3,53436813171.7 
1175YE3AAYB2017SO HIGH 15M (C)3,50043 14212.6 
1176JA2KPVJA21997SO HIGH 15M3,500      
1177DU9LMTDU1989SO HIGH 15M3,450461816  
1178S50DXS52006SO HIGH 15M3,4004021121  
1179JH3GCNJA32011SO HIGH 15M3,38446110251.9 
1180OH3LQKOH1997SO HIGH 15M3,344      
1181IW1QNI2007SO HIGH 15M3,33240 1222  
1182LA5HPALA2015SO HIGH 15M3,32545210233.0 
1183JP1ODJJA11989SO HIGH 15M3,30633 1424  
1184WA6FITW61992SO HIGH 15M3,2682961522  
1185JH1DVGJA12012SO HIGH 15M3,159291013161.3 
1186JK3RHXJA32016SO HIGH 15M (C)3,13240 9204.6 
1187EA3EGBEA1987SO HIGH 15M3,1023313911  
1188OM3CPSOM1994SO HIGH 15M3,00328     
1189SM6BSKSM1994SO HIGH 15M3,00228     
1190UA3WCVUA-32001SO HIGH 15M2,970401923  
1191EA7CWAEA2004SO HIGH 15M2,9454121019  
1192YC3GOQYB2019SO HIGH 15M2,94035 8201.3 
1193OM7PYOM2006SO HIGH 15M2,91238 1121  
1194N2ZNW22018SO HIGH 15M2,85240711132.8 
1195EA1YWEA1988SO HIGH 15M2,8223213813  
1196HB9TMWHB2008SO HIGH 15M2,77234 10185.9 
1197HB9HLEHB1993SO HIGH 15M2,625      
1198JR1NKNJA12007SO HIGH 15M2,60733 1320  
1199PY2EQPY2007SO HIGH 15M2,5413071214  
1200SV1NASV1996SO HIGH 15M2,484      

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