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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
1JH7RTQJA72012SO QRP 15M127,82134029723613.7 
2OM6RKOM2012SO QRP 15M101,27036524614518.4 
3UW5EJX/MMMM2018SO QRP 15M84,96030321561917.0  
4IZ2JPNI2013SO QRP 15M71,94027820474328.1 
5SP4LVKSP2013SO QRP 15M65,31226121473623.7 
6SP4LVKSP2012SO QRP 15M61,81124023513911.3 
7UA3QJJUA-32021SO QRP 15M58,99628624641019.9 
8SP4LVKSP2014SO QRP 15M58,74023421563323.9 
9R7RBEUA-62021SO QRP 15M (R)56,16324422512414.3 
10JA6VZBJA62022SO QRP 15M49,89622621521527.2 
11KD9MSW92022SO QRP 15M49,00022621552216.3 
12PU2TRXPY2016SO QRP 15M (C)47,83827716483822.1 
13IW9GTDIT92015SO QRP 15M45,92424118432813.0 
14SV5/HA3JBSV52015SO QRP 15M42,52928416451027.3 
15JA0VTKJA02013SO QRP 15M37,157178174979.8 
16SP4LVKSP2015SO QRP 15M36,79217720303421.1 
17CO2AJCM2022SO QRP 15M36,58218616383716.6 
18SP4NKJSP2022SO QRP 15M32,61917919501424.6 
19JH3DMQJA32013SO QRP 15M31,9601382043229.4 
20N5IJEW52015SO QRP 15M30,17515218472020.7 
21JE1CACJA12022SO QRP 15M (C)29,9041282244189.2 
22N5IJEW52014SO QRP 15M26,56816114383019.2 
23YO3DACYO2016SO QRP 15M24,8501472339821.6 
24WF0TW02014SO QRP 15M23,97016518363121.4 
25N5IJEW52013SO QRP 15M23,57914417391713.7 
26JR1NKNJA12022SO QRP 15M20,27413120311119.4 
277N4WPYJA12015SO QRP 15M18,21610517391019.1 
28JR2EKDJA22015SO QRP 15M17,424941835139.2 
29EC7KWEA2016SO QRP 15M (C)17,35017583664.1 
30YC2MDUYB2015SO QRP 15M (C)17,22011318321012.8 
31JR1NKNJA12015SO QRP 15M17,11210119321124.9 
32HS8JYXHS2013SO QRP 15M16,5761251936115.7 
33W1CSMW12013SO QRP 15M16,324108133644.3 
34JE1CACJA12021SO QRP 15M15,989101183748.7 
35WE6EZW52021SO QRP 15M15,2641041340 12.7 
36YC2MDUYB2014SO QRP 15M14,9991051828712.7 
37KD9MSW92021SO QRP 15M14,62585154647.1 
38BG7SFEBY2016SO QRP 15M (C)14,3311151338 11.7 
39DL2TMDL2021SO QRP 15M14,2199316241911.7 
40H2X5B2020SO QRP 15M13,9321031638 13.35B4ALX
41YC4SIZYB2022SO QRP 15M13,4131201634110.0 
42DL2TMDL2015SO QRP 15M13,332821826228.7 
43YB8JECYB2022SO QRP 15M (C)13,260158122529.3 
44G5NG2016SO QRP 15M (C)12,82511214291415.3G0SBN
45JR1NKNJA12021SO QRP 15M12,636991727817.8 
46TI2BSHTI2022SO QRP 15M12,52511014332810.4 
47YO3DACYO2012SO QRP 15M12,480961431194.3 
48IQ7QKI2016SO QRP 15M11,44880182794.1 
49SP4LVKSP2016SO QRP 15M10,3608119271014.4 
50JR2EKDJA22014SO QRP 15M10,044641728177.5 
517N4WPYJA12021SO QRP 15M (C)9,552721720118.8 
52BD4UNBY2014SO QRP 15M9,2451051526215.4 
53WD9FTZW82016SO QRP 15M9,04870123379.1 
54JR1NKNJA12016SO QRP 15M8,650671825721.1 
55CO6WYRCM2016SO QRP 15M8,16061143165.0 
56JR1NKNJA12017SO QRP 15M7,560661523417.8 
57XV5HS3W2014SO QRP 15M7,155741331112.3 
58YO3DACYO2017SO QRP 15M7,09369132269.9 
59OK1LVOK2018SO QRP 15M (C)6,81564122877.2 
60HS8FLUHS2013SO QRP 15M6,39060162639.1 
61UR1YDDUR2017SO QRP 15M (C)5,699601324410.8 
62YB1WCKYB2021SO QRP 15M5,67660142817.3 
63YO3LWYO2019SO QRP 15M5,535641431 9.4 
64F4EEIF2013SO QRP 15M5,474721221137.5 
65HG3CHA2018SO QRP 15M5,46063132518.0HA3HX
66JE1CACJA12015SO QRP 15M (C)5,44547162367.2 
67IT9GAK/2I2021SO QRP 15M5,2325515231012.0 
68IQ7QKI2018SO QRP 15M5,20853152522.5 
69JR1NKNJA12019SO QRP 15M5,148621518 13.0 
70OK1LVOK2022SO QRP 15M (C)5,04047132573.5 
71IZ8EDLI2020SO QRP 15M4,448571121 4.6 
72YC0RXAYB2022SO QRP 15M (C)4,140661125 7.0 
73UA0ZSUA02014SO QRP 15M (C)4,11866101813.9 
74JR1NKNJA12020SO QRP 15M4,100701015 13.3 
75JH1OESJA12013SO QRP 15M3,96037122354.7 
76G4GSAG2013SO QRP 15M3,91645102775.9 
77IW2ODCI2022SO QRP 15M3,5353688192.0 
78UR7TVUR2021SO QRP 15M3,528501216813.9 
79E73AAE72020SO QRP 15M3,40059916 11.4 
80N5IJEW52016SO QRP 15M3,29333132135.3 
81JI3XOMJA32021SO QRP 15M3,264381222 5.8 
82K3TW/4W42014SO QRP 15M3,196381417164.3 
83PA2REHPA2020SO QRP 15M3,19257622 17.9 
84PY2GTAPY2021SO QRP 15M3,06941101492.0 
85SP6EIYSP2022SO QRP 15M2,88335121633.1 
86JR2EKDJA22022SO QRP 15M2,87140920 4.2 
87JF8LPBJA82016SO QRP 15M2,76035101648.4 
88YD2XVTYB2014SO QRP 15M2,70634141458.6 
89OK1LVOK2017SO QRP 15M2,69538122126.1 
90UA9WIKUA92015SO QRP 15M2,68840420 6.7 
91JR2EKDJA22019SO QRP 15M2,616411014 6.2 
92K3TW/4W42015SO QRP 15M2,55532112044.5 
93UT4UFZUR2016SO QRP 15M2,49438920 9.6 
94OK1LVOK2019SO QRP 15M (C)2,43044720 9.8 
95RA3XEVUA-32016SO QRP 15M2,39243914 7.6 
96JR1NKNJA12018SO QRP 15M2,158401214 9.6 
97JR2EKDJA22021SO QRP 15M2,00229121316.1 
98DL2TMDL2016SO QRP 15M1,4302791215.6  
99YB8XMYB2022SO QRP 15M1,41626816 4.9 
100LV4VLU2019SO QRP 15M1,3782110974.7 
138 results found
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Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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