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156 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
1EB3CWEA2017SA LOW 80M133,75061115632923.2 
2EB3CWEA2019SA LOW 80M129,16865619701525.0 
3OK1MOK2020SA LOW 80M98,04069412541034.3OK1WMR
4EA8MTEA82013SA LOW 80M93,67034614503118.9 
5M7WG2020SA LOW 80M90,30055814571326.2G3TBK
6LY5WLY2020SA LOW 80M83,2505901257529.5 
7DF1MMDL2022SA LOW 80M74,88055710551324.6 
8LZ5XQLZ2019SA LOW 80M74,8804931358721.4 
9G8XG2019SA LOW 80M73,8005051155928.8G4FJK
10OK4GPOK2018SA LOW 80M73,5204591458827.6 
11IK3XJPI2020SA LOW 80M73,01543613571524.4 
12EA3CIEA2021SA LOW 80M68,52642311531723.5 
13S51ZJS52022SA LOW 80M67,968547749825.8 
14M0HMJG2019SA LOW 80M67,145536851628.7 
15LZ5XQLZ2018SA LOW 80M66,2405001156221.7 
16IK2XDEI2021SA LOW 80M65,55447610531021.1 
17UR6EAUR2015SA LOW 80M62,5514571054724.8 
18S51WS52020SA LOW 80M60,202516747818.7 
19SP5OXJSP2013SA LOW 80M58,8884411148916.9 
20DO1ISEDL2018SA LOW 80M (R)57,96734314651213.7 
21E77EAE72020SA LOW 80M57,525499748425.0 
22OK4GPOK2017SA LOW 80M55,2383961255421.8 
23SV5DKLSV52017SA LOW 80M50,9873871155116.9 
24IK0XBXI2011SA LOW 80M49,650338952147.6 
25S53NWS52022SA LOW 80M49,472414849720.6 
26SV2CLJSV2017SA LOW 80M48,815396955122.8 
27ON4TTTON2021SA LOW 80M48,7663371451911.1 
289A1AD9A2020SA LOW 80M48,540404753 14.6 
29LZ9RLZ2015SA LOW 80M48,384380949618.1 
30IW4EGXI2017SA LOW 80M48,1804011053321.2 
31IT9XTPIT92019SA LOW 80M44,631394750 16.9 
32S51WS52022SA LOW 80M41,904398643518.6 
33IO9ZIT92018SA LOW 80M41,5883141354720.4IT9KXK
34IK4RVGI2022SA LOW 80M40,980389750325.1 
35IK3SSJI2021SA LOW 80M40,95027210531510.7 
36EU8AEU2019SA LOW 80M40,310374850 20.5 
37UA5FUA-32017SA LOW 80M39,6003181155 9.8 
38HA8BTHA2020SA LOW 80M35,695310946415.4 
39ER1OOER2020SA LOW 80M34,650330846123.1 
40ES3VIES2016SA LOW 80M34,079333746 20.6 
41UR5WCWUR2019SA LOW 80M32,879302852121.7 
42M7VG2015SA LOW 80M32,06726310431011.2M0VAA
43S54XS52014SA LOW 80M31,920294845410.1 
44ER3AUER2014SA LOW 80M31,900281849117.2 
45KG9XW92018SA LOW 80M30,56034414165015.1 
46YU1XXYT2013SA LOW 80M30,464279843518.4 
47OM7KWOM2015SA LOW 80M30,447311744 12.3 
48UA5FUA-32019SA LOW 80M30,153299848110.4 
49AB1JW12016SA LOW 80M28,47524310284716.6 
50AB9YCW92021SA LOW 80M28,04433310165015.0 
51OK4KOK2015SA LOW 80M27,144281842211.0OK1BOA
52N2CEIW42018SA LOW 80M27,04828412284423.0 
53ES5RYES2017SA LOW 80M26,460220114728.9 
54IT9RZUIT92019SA LOW 80M25,596240846 11.5 
55OK4KOK2019SA LOW 80M24,48623594225.3OK1BOA
56IT9IVUIT92022SA LOW 80M23,766235740416.1 
57UT3NUR2019SA LOW 80M23,608285844 11.4UT3NK
58WA1FCNW42021SA LOW 80M22,94028310154918.0 
599A1AD9A2018SA LOW 80M22,000204748 9.0 
60IT9RZUIT92013SA LOW 80M21,900229939216.6 
61HA2NAHA2015SA LOW 80M21,76220694417.9 
62UR8IDXUR2015SA LOW 80M20,3521721250212.4 
63UR4CYTUR2018SA LOW 80M20,196228843 11.1UT6CW 
64HA8WYHA2022SA LOW 80M20,05020384116.6 
65DO2XXDL2019SA LOW 80M19,80021474214.4 
66IK0XBXI2012SA LOW 80M19,55219884314.6 
67M5PG2021SA LOW 80M18,964238539 11.8M5BIR
68M6BIRG2019SA LOW 80M18,810263533 15.7 
69OK4KOK2020SA LOW 80M18,564243438 6.7OK1BOA
70Z33FZ32018SA LOW 80M18,480211642 11.0 
71E79DE72021SA LOW 80M17,84116494628.0 
72UA5FUA-32016SA LOW 80M17,003202741111.4 
73I1WXYI2021SA LOW 80M16,965128946106.3 
74NA5NNW52013SA LOW 80M16,344171920436.1K2FF
75S53FS52013SA LOW 80M16,12817473925.4 
76DJ8ESDL2012SA LOW 80M16,11216694136.2 
77LZ1QZLZ2019SA LOW 80M15,300170639 8.0 
78YL2KOYL2014SA LOW 80M14,906132114528.7 
79SP2EWQSP2021SA LOW 80M14,820149943 3.0 
80K2DFCW22020SA LOW 80M14,69420310124013.4 
81OM4AZFOM2020SA LOW 80M14,12019353417.4 
82YU7UYT2011SA LOW 80M13,92314584124.4 
83HA8WYHA2021SA LOW 80M13,09811094465.3 
84DH1TSTDL2017SA LOW 80M12,084129844110.3 
859A3BWW9A2015SA LOW 80M (R)11,931150536 8.0 
86F4EFIF2018SA LOW 80M11,79713164019.0 
879A9TT9A2020SA LOW 80M11,739155637 8.2 
88TA1DXTA12015SA LOW 80M11,137152736 9.4 
89SV3FUPSV2017SA LOW 80M10,868174533 7.3 
90RM4WUA-42018SA LOW 80M10,368113939 9.6 
91SQ4NRSP2018SA LOW 80M9,963129635 3.7 
92UY8IFUR2016SA LOW 80M9,95597104237.1 
93F4BKVF2018SA LOW 80M9,94512383253.6  
94DJ6OIDL2021SA LOW 80M9,8059984055.0 
95LN7TTTLA2018SA LOW 80M9,675123538 4.7LA5LJA
96RO1MUA-12020SA LOW 80M9,471120635 4.6  
97UT8IKUR2021SA LOW 80M9,389129734 9.3 
98RO1MUA-12017SA LOW 80M9,159119835 6.5  
99SP3MTSP2021SA LOW 80M8,496142432 14.4 
100UY8IFUR2017SA LOW 80M7,99095839 9.4 
156 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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