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38601DS4GQR2015SO LP 15M1,53424411111.5 [Cert]
38602IT9ACJ2011SO LP ALL1,53429 7191.6 [Cert]
38603JL1DLQ2010SA HP ALL1,53421 10160.9 [Cert]
38604BG6IRO2009SO LP ALL1,53423 10160.6 [Cert]
38605K9WMS2008SO LP ALL1,5342118171.2 [Cert]
38606G4IRN2013SO QRP 80M1,53346 2199.2 [Cert]
386077N4WPY2008SO LP 15M1,53333 8131.1 [Cert]
38608K2FF/52015SA LP 10M1,530343771.3 [Cert]
38609R2AT2015SA LP ALL1,53021212201.8 [Cert]
38610CO2GL2010SO HP ALL1,5302314790.6 [Cert]
38611EA3AHU2010SO LP ALL1,53024 9211.1 [Cert]
38612UA4RZ2009SO HP ALL1,53022210180.6 [Cert]
38613DL5HF2014SO LP 80M1,5254214203.8 [Cert]
38614PY2MR2009SO LP ALL1,52522 13121.2 [Cert]
38615K7AZT2016SO LP ALL1,52033191094.5 [Cert]
38616JE2OTM2004SO HP 80M1,52059298  
38617Y32XF1989SO HP ALL1,5192021217  
38618BG6JJI2014SO QRP ALL1,51822315151.4 [Cert]
38619K6MI2006SO LP ALL1,51828131010  
38620OO6CQ1993SO HP 20M1,517      
38621DL/SP4NKJ2015SO LP ALL1,51239 9184.3SP4NKJ[Cert]
38622R1AC2011SO HP 10M1,5121988111.0 [Cert]
38623W0LM2011SA LP ALL1,512211012140.8 [Cert]
38624N4QA2008SO LP 40M1,5125022321.5 [Cert]
38625W5JNP2008SO LP ALL1,512251510111.0 [Cert]
38626IW0FEK2011SO LP ALL1,50825 9201.2 [Cert]
38627JA7BOM2011SO LP ALL1,5082058130.8 [Cert]
38628SP9HWN1987SO HP 20M1,5082031016  
38629AA6YX1993SO LP ALL1,505      
38630R2LAC2016Checklog1,50025 7231.9  
38631IK1SPR2015SA HP 10M1,50028 9112.5 [Cert]
38632SA7AKE2008SO LP 20M1,50027 7181.0 [Cert]
38633OK1LO2007SO HP 40M1,500271717  
38634RA4FWA2015SO QRP 80M1,49639 6162.8 [Cert]
38635UA0SBQ/QRP2016SO QRP ALL1,48826 6183.9 [Cert]
38636NN4K2013SO HP 80M1,48825138102.5 [Cert]
38637YU7AE1993SO HP 20M1,488      
38638WV1D1992SO HP 20M1,4882712910  
38639N8KHS1990SO HP 15M1,488291687  
38640DV1YZD2016SO LP 20M1,48557 477.9 [Cert]
38641PA3DTR2014SO LP 15M1,4852511883.2 [Cert]
38642PA3ARM2013SO LP ALL1,4852547160.6 [Cert]
38643JA1PYP2011SO LP ALL1,48520 10171.0 [Cert]
38644NS4X2011SO HP ALL1,48529912121.1 [Cert]
38645UZ9CZM1988MULTI-ONE HIGH1,48518 1716  
38646PA5PR2002SO HP 20M1,484242719  
38647IZ0FZM2012SO LP ALL1,4822217541.2 [Cert]
38648EA8GP2011SO LP ALL1,48264 13264.7 [Cert]
38649UU9JQ2010SO LP ALL1,48222 12140.8 [Cert]
38650AD4YQ2015SA LP ALL1,480241215132.3 [Cert]
38651YV4BCD2014SA LP 15M1,47923711112.2 [Cert]
38652JR2UBS2012SO HP ALL1,47917612110.9 [Cert]
38653JI1CQA1993SO LP ALL1,479      
38654JI3OGI2010SO LP ALL1,4752159111.2 [Cert]
38655SP3CCT1987SO HP 40M1,47462 616  
38656JG1TGQ2016SO LP 20M1,4722518142.3 [Cert]
38657JM2RUV2012SO QRP 10M1,4722212650.7 [Cert]
38658UT3IW2012SO LP ALL1,47216115160.2 [Cert]
38659TA3BQ1996SO LP ALL1,472      
38660WA3GOS2014SO LP ALL1,4702059165.9 [Cert]
38661JI3OGI2013SO LP ALL1,47019511141.1 [Cert]
38662NQ4K2012SO LP 80M1,4705224332.4 [Cert]
38663IT9TFX2015SO LP 10M1,46423 10142.7 [Cert]
38664EA1BLF1996SO HP 15M1,464      
38665IK0EFR2014SA LP ALL1,46218513162.1 [Cert]
38666K1GI/62012SO LP ALL1,4623018971.1 [Cert]
38667DL0DG2006SO LP ALL1,45826 819DL1JB 
38668PU2UJG2016SO LP 15M1,4562799105.8 [Cert]
38669IZ0UIM2013SO LP ALL1,4562649151.4 [Cert]
38670WA7KPK2016SA LP ALL1,45230121294.2 [Cert]
38671JA4IAQ2016SO LP ALL1,45021710123.6 [Cert]
38672KS4VOL2016SO LP ALL1,45021410152.7 [Cert]
38673JI1UDD2008SO LP ALL1,45019211160.8 [Cert]
38674YB9YFT2012SO LP 15M1,44924 7161.1 [Cert]
38675OO6LY2005SO LP 20M1,44929   ON6LY 
38676SP2DVH2003SO HP 20M1,44926 815  
38677DL0UM2012SA HP ALL1,44323814151.1DL7FER[Cert]
38678CE3EEA2014SO HP 80M1,440201010122.6 [Cert]
38679KF5HIQ2013SA LP ALL1,440311711123.2 [Cert]
38680EA8AQV2009SO LP ALL1,44017214160.2 [Cert]
38681KA3DSX1991MULTI-ONE HIGH1,440312299  
38682KE6T1987SO HP ALL1,4401611516  
38683OK2SWD2013SO LP ALL1,43522811163.0 [Cert]
38684DL2TM2016SO QRP 15M1,4302719125.6 [Cert]
38685UT2AB2015SA HP 10M1,43021 111513.9 [Cert]
38686JA1HOM2012SO LP 15M1,43022 7191.2 [Cert]
38687SM7IAO1987SO HP 20M1,430242816  
38688YD1ELP2015SO LP 15M1,428291791.9 [Cert]
386899A5ALL2011SO LP ALL1,42825515220.8 [Cert]
38690RA3SL2007SO HP 15M1,42821 1018  
38691DL4DAE2006SO HP 20M1,42834 516  
38692ER3DX2015SA LP ALL1,42616613121.3 [Cert]
38693W7VS2013SO HP 10M1,42617113171.4 [Cert]
38694OE1KTS1999SO LP ALL1,4264631    
38695DK0SU2015SO LP 20M1,4251959112.4DF7SA[Cert]
38696JE7JYE2013SO LP ALL1,42523 6192.0 [Cert]
386975W1SA2016SO LP 20M1,422297654.1 [Cert]
38698IK2AOO2011SO LP ALL1,4212079131.1 [Cert]
38699W3FQE1995SO HP 20M1,421251379  
38700W6HT1987SO HP 20M1,4211921215  
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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