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1S54E2008SO HP 80M323,4571,04540227532.4 [Cert]
2OK3R2008SO HP 80M292,99999638207530.9OK1DVM[Cert]
3S57AW2007SO HP 80M255,375946292175  
4OL9A2016SO HP 80M250,08097530207031.8 [Cert]
59A2DQ2010SO HP 80M248,21493431217124.1 [Cert]
6S54E2007SO HP 80M246,078895322173  
7I4AVG2008SO HP 80M243,12483043207027.1 [Cert]
8OL6X2007SO HP 80M238,833947301970OK1DIG 
9I4AVG2010SO HP 80M237,89685135247227.5 [Cert]
10F4DXW2008SO HP 80M219,39277142186824.1 [Cert]
11DL4MCF2010SO HP 80M205,62088530196628.1 [Cert]
12IQ1RY2007SO HP 80M205,335829311868IK1HXN 
13SO4M2007SO HP 80M197,084816192275SP4MPG 
14OL9A2013SO HP 80M189,07285534135729.4OK2ZAW @OL7M[Cert]
15UX2X2010SO HP 80M187,58080219217324.5UT2XQ[Cert]
16S54E2006SO HP 80M185,832737282365  
17EB3CW2015SO HP 80M181,93574631196725.7 [Cert]
18F4DXW2007SO HP 80M175,824742311763  
19S50A2006SO HP 80M173,715729262164  
20I4AVG2007SO HP 80M173,166715302163  
21IQ1RY2006SO HP 80M163,632688262165IK1HXN 
22S54E2005SO HP 80M154,845646     
23I4AVG2012SO HP 80M154,00069031206123.9 [Cert]
24GM1F2010SO HP 80M152,68966324186522.4GM4FAM[Cert]
25UX2X2009SO HP 80M140,50067619186320.9UT2XQ[Cert]
26S54E2004SO HP 80M137,340574281863  
27UT2IU2008SO HP 80M134,71559626166318.9 [Cert]
28DJ6BQ2008SO HP 80M132,51268226146122.9 [Cert]
29S57LR2010SO HP 80M129,85169815155922.6 [Cert]
30HA8BE2007SO HP 80M127,85567891765  
31SP4MPG2006SO HP 80M127,504590162464  
32YW5T2015SO HP 80M126,85439651175119.7YV5JBI[Cert]
33YT4T2010SO HP 80M126,72067417155821.8 [Cert]
34NB1B2005SO HP 80M124,124488     
35YL0A2006SO HP 80M122,764623132061YL2KA 
36NB1B2004SO HP 80M122,213518491852  
37HA8BE2008SO HP 80M121,72859921165917.1 [Cert]
38SN6C2008SO HP 80M121,10057925165920.0 [Cert]
39IQ1RY2005SO HP 80M120,890524   IK1HXN 
409A7R2004SO HP 80M119,213566241558  
41IV3HYD2009SO HP 80M116,01262318146021.1 [Cert]
42KH7U2008SO HP 80M112,61240348212514.7 [Cert]
43OL5T2005SO HP 80M111,530572   OK1TNM 
44UT2IU2009SO HP 80M110,70461318145621.5 [Cert]
454N1A2006SO HP 80M106,596610141456  
46ON4AXU2008SO HP 80M105,93049927145815.3 [Cert]
479A5MT2012SO HP 80M105,60067014125419.4 [Cert]
48S54E2003SO HP 80M104,857503191662  
49IZ0KBR2009SO HP 80M104,08261614135622.0 [Cert]
50S57LR2009SO HP 80M101,00464914105221.2 [Cert]
51S57AW2002SO HP 80M99,693471221562  
529A9A1997SO HP 80M99,037      
53DL3BQA2009SO HP 80M98,9086878145723.2 [Cert]
54ON4QX2008SO HP 80M98,90049426115510.6 [Cert]
55HA8BE2006SO HP 80M97,272559121656  
56S52OP2006SO HP 80M95,526537111660  
57VE2SB2011SO HP 80M92,18045955144116.6 [Cert]
58HG1G2012SO HP 80M91,46464611115220.8 [Cert]
59N2WQ/VE32014SO HP 80M87,96340355144013.4 [Cert]
60HA3LI2012SO HP 80M84,9326447105121.1 [Cert]
61DJ3IW2009SO HP 80M84,31857511125517.1 [Cert]
62YT8A2015SO HP 80M84,0236036135425.7YU1EA[Cert]
63EU1AZ2005SO HP 80M82,713505     
64IK2QEI2001SO HP 80M82,532411201460  
65HA1YI2007SO HP 80M82,13451681357  
66YT1AD2007SO HP 80M81,76054481055  
67DJ6BQ2007SO HP 80M81,754527131356  
68IN3QBR2011SO HP 80M81,75055611125216.1 [Cert]
69DJ6BQ2005SO HP 80M81,519490     
70K4XD2008SO HP 80M81,47449650144716.1 [Cert]
71HB9TOC2016SO HP 80M80,23450815125026.3 [Cert]
72UT2II2005SO HP 80M79,994406     
73IT9RBW2008SO HP 80M78,37638528145515.9 [Cert]
74S53MJ1997SO HP 80M76,736      
75OZ1ADL2012SO HP 80M74,88047519104910.5 [Cert]
76OK2SFP2008SO HP 80M74,17241518125412.4 [Cert]
77DJ3IW2006SO HP 80M73,866497121353  
78OH7CX2005SO HP 80M73,500420     
79S52CO1996SO HP 80M73,266      
80I8UDB1996SO HP 80M72,265      
81K3MQ2008SO HP 80M71,36941650134414.6 [Cert]
82S54E2001SO HP 80M71,036390161357  
83S54E2002SO HP 80M70,778383231152  
84DJ3IW2016SO HP 80M70,66440720135511.9 [Cert]
85PA3BWD2010SO HP 80M70,38941421124812.8 [Cert]
86NB1B2003SO HP 80M70,224295461452  
87HG1G2016SO HP 80M70,2165286105119.0 [Cert]
88HA8BE2004SO HP 80M69,836429101455  
89CT1AOZ2016SO HP 80M69,63538420156017.4 [Cert]
90OK1VSL2004SO HP 80M69,45046091254  
91OH0Z2006SO HP 80M68,97646331554OH3BHL 
92OH7CX2004SO HP 80M68,79638671760  
93UA3BS2008SO HP 80M68,1774286145914.3 [Cert]
94S51DX1997SO HP 80M68,130      
959A7R2003SO HP 80M66,45042971355  
96HA8BE2003SO HP 80M66,38444761254  
97RX4HZ2008SO HP 80M65,9924486115614.9 [Cert]
98OK2SAR2015SO HP 80M65,600542295322.7 [Cert]
99DP9N2005SO HP 80M65,354427   DL9NDS 
100UR6F2001SO HP 80M64,96238571559UX0FF 
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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