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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
201UT5DJ2012SO LP 80M7,956127 5295.4 
202IN3OWY2017SO LP 80M7,656137 52811.3 
203DO5WW2014SO LP 80M7,48010115343.5 
204IZ7FLP2015SO LP 80M7,363123 6316.8 
205VA3WPV2010SO LP 80M7,34469208203.3 
206PA0MIR2014SO LP 80M7,3209816333.4 
207UA3DPM2008SO LP 80M7,20089 6346.0 
208YO3GW2008SO LP 80M7,200101 6304.8 
209N9YLE2016SO LP 80M7,172149374312.9 
210VE3CV2016SO LP 80M7,0657931594.5 
211IZ5MOQ2017SO LP 80M7,030118 5325.5 
212HZ1BW2014SO LP 80M6,9606639286.7 
213IT9IMJ2010SO LP 80M6,96086 6344.2 
214ER3AU2008SO LP 80M6,7088417312.2 
215UT7MR2009SO LP 80M6,698108 7274.5 
216G6N2016SO LP 80M6,63096 4352.9G0GDU
217EA4FJX2019SO LP 80M6,53684173510.5 
218I4JEE2019SO LP 80M6,384107 63210.2 
219N9TF2010SO LP 80M6,21011034664.5 
220SV2DSJ2018SO LP 80M5,84592 5302.9 
221UT2HM2011SO LP 80M5,845102 6296.9 
222SQ9PPT2019SO LP 80M5,74299 4294.1 
223UD4C2018SO LP 80M5,709109 7266.2 
224DO6XX2017SO LP 80M5,664101 4282.1 
225PA3DUU2017SO LP 80M5,626103 3265.7 
226RW3PF2014SO LP 80M5,6167717312.7 
227KK8MM2017SO LP 80M5,580111346510.8 
228V31MA2017SO LP 80M5,50451158205.9 
229HA7MB2017SO LP 80M5,47297 4285.4  
230NQ4K2008SO LP 80M5,37511036435.6 
231YV6BXN2009SO LP 80M5,37144218122.3 
232NQ4K2016SO LP 80M5,3369631876.3 
233LA8OKA2014SO LP 80M5,25681172824.9 
234EA3ELZ2016SO LP 80M5,1877546294.8  
235K0IDT2011SO LP 80M5,14110544547.3 
236NQ4K2005SO LP 80M5,11798     
237KK4HEG2016SO LP 80M5,016103306819.5 
238NQ4K2009SO LP 80M4,8308632773.8 
239YV4NY2019SO LP 80M4,8006015122113.0 
240OM4AQP2009SO LP 80M4,80081 5255.0 
241SQ6NEB2005SO LP 80M4,77480     
242SV1XV2005SO LP 80M4,72668     
243WD5BJT2014SO LP 80M4,66488396812.0 
244RA3UAG2017SO LP 80M4,65373 6272.9 
245PA3DTR2018SO LP 80M4,4557615275.7 
246UT4UEI2016SO LP 80M4,45491 5296.0 
247RX9CDR2015SO LP 80M4,36862 7216.4 
248UX7VA2019SO LP 80M4,34365 7362.7 
249ON4APU2016SO LP 80M4,25767 4294.1 
250I4JEE2009SO LP 80M4,14776 4253.8 
251HK6P2013SO LP 80M4,1004525884.1 
252YV5KG2018SO LP 80M4,029742611145.6 
253RA3QH2018SO LP 80M3,99071 5251.8 
254K3UA2017SO LP 80M3,9107329981.6 
255RD4HD2012SO LP 80M3,75067 5253.9 
256DK4YJ2008SO LP 80M3,68370 4251.7 
257KE0L2018SO LP 80M3,6808335324.1 
258DO2XX2010SO LP 80M3,58458 5271.7 
259N5RN2015SO LP 80M3,45052277125.0 
260IZ8IBC2017SO LP 80M3,23060 6284.3 
261IZ5OQX2014SO LP 80M2,8526414268.6 
262DO6NIK2013SO LP 80M2,72873 3191.7 
263W9KVR2012SO LP 80M2,7006531773.9 
264YO3CBZ2014SO LP 80M2,6404815242.6 
265PA3DTR2017SO LP 80M2,55250 6233.9 
266KI1U2018SO LP 80M2,5165922663.1 
267RW9RA2008SO LP 80M2,50744 7165.1 
268OH9UFO2011SO LP 80M2,35267 3181.2 
269OM1ASD2011SO LP 80M2,32449 4242.5 
270DO1TOM2019SO LP 80M2,18750 5223.3 
271XE1H2017SO LP 80M2,0723617656.7 
272UR3QTN2016SO LP 80M2,07242 5235.2 
273NQ4K2010SO LP 80M2,0166522333.1 
274EU3AA2013SO LP 80M2,00247 4228.9 
275IS0BRQ2018SO LP 80M1,87537 4213.8 
276DO1EMC2019SO LP 80M1,75036 5202.7 
277YW5RY2015SO LP 80M1,56027146105.7YV5KAJ
278AB3S2010SO LP 80M1,5373817482.2 
279DL5HF2014SO LP 80M1,5254214203.8 
280NQ4K2012SO LP 80M1,4705224332.4 
281JH1APZ2017SO LP 80M1,170473786.6 
2829A4AA2011SO LP 80M1,14032 3171.2 
283OE1XTU2017SO LP 80M1,01228 4191.1OE1VMC
284RA9MX2014SO LP 80M9722215122.0 
285RM4W2017SO LP 80M90135 5124.1  
286KA5EYH2009SO LP 80M8912816651.4 
287NA3M2008SO LP 80M8161667111.0 
288YO9FLD2018SO LP 80M76526 4130.5  
289N7UR2013SO LP 80M7283019434.2 
290HG3FMY2009SO LP 80M64522 3120.8 
291JR1BFZ/22014SO LP 80M520305352.3 
292JH7IMX2012SO LP 80M510414332.2 
293XE1GRR2012SO LP 80M4861311430.3 
294LY6M2012SO LP 80M46519 4110.4 
295YC2VOC2018SO LP 80M46022 10106.7 
296OM0DC2013SO LP 80M39621 291.4 
297FG4NO2014SO LP 80M3741116103.2 
298N3CHX2005SO LP 80M37416     
299W8WTS2019SO LP 80M3601610531.9 
300DJ1OJ2018SO LP 80M33614 3130.4 

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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