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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
101SP4W2015SO LP 80M26,649211611467.3 
102OK1DWQ2016SO LP 80M26,076276374313.6 
103W6HGF2017SO LP 80M25,76930649111318.5 
104HB9AWS2018SO LP 80M25,48822269448.4 
105F5BEG2016SO LP 80M24,986211974623.1 
106CO2JD2019SO LP 80M24,94816939122618.0 
107ON4CBA2018SO LP 80M24,78021529488.9 
108HA3LI2016SO LP 80M24,288277 54111.8 
1094L9QQ2011SO LP 80M24,075200 7386.6 
110RA3QH2009SO LP 80M24,072240 7447.4 
111SP6EIY2011SO LP 80M23,896211510438.1 
112S53F2005SO LP 80M23,485210     
113YO5OHY2019SO LP 80M23,184256 6429.1 
114UT1AM2019SO LP 80M22,992266 64215.9 
115HK6P2015SO LP 80M22,8251243615327.9 
116I4UUL2013SO LP 80M22,792213494314.3 
117RZ6LV2012SO LP 80M22,62921949448.0 
118UT3N2017SO LP 80M22,550236 8476.8UT3NK
119UR5UBR2009SO LP 80M22,525227 84511.5 
120UT4EK2012SO LP 80M22,36827518399.5 
121UA1A2014SO LP 80M22,150233174210.5 
122CO2JD2015SO LP 80M20,9041694291616.9 
123DL5ALW2012SO LP 80M20,299207184410.0 
124OK1DX2010SO LP 80M20,25018818453.8 
125ES3VI2015SO LP 80M20,247204 84317.7 
126IK3SSJ2018SO LP 80M20,237231 6437.8 
127DF4WC2010SO LP 80M19,91620719427.3 
128SP4GL2009SO LP 80M19,91619217446.6 
129WK9U2017SO LP 80M19,648281488813.1 
130SN9I2009SO LP 80M19,43119627428.1SP9EMI
131XE1H2018SO LP 80M19,39014238122010.7 
132ON4CBA2017SO LP 80M19,06121526416.5 
133UT5ZA2008SO LP 80M19,012201 8416.8 
134OK2CLW2008SO LP 80M18,97218617434.1 
135DD9WG2009SO LP 80M18,950204 8427.7 
136UR7CB2017SO LP 80M18,788259 63818.9 
137YO4RDW2014SO LP 80M18,717210174315.1 
138OM1AVK2005SO LP 80M18,354198     
139SP6EIY2016SO LP 80M18,350197264210.3 
140SP9CTS2014SO LP 80M18,135238273614.1 
141IK3SSJ2012SO LP 80M18,04821517408.3 
142UT4ZX2008SO LP 80M17,451136311496.7 
143CT1BWU2018SO LP 80M17,300184174210.9 
144UR5UBR2008SO LP 80M16,83619419369.7 
145SP9BNM2008SO LP 80M15,947227 5328.1 
146N9BX2009SO LP 80M15,9201284312255.3 
147UR0IQ2010SO LP 80M15,792177 9388.3 
148RA3UAG2009SO LP 80M15,705178 7386.2 
149AB1J2017SO LP 80M15,69420434101520.8 
150UR3PDQ2008SO LP 80M15,44414418437.5 
151UA6JQ2016SO LP 80M14,9341431114520.2 
152SV2DSJ2016SO LP 80M14,760172 6396.8 
153DO1SSB2008SO LP 80M14,280196 6347.9 
154ES7FU2012SO LP 80M14,276174 73610.6 
155PA2REH2018SO LP 80M13,81814926397.1 
156S59D2015SO LP 80M13,754185263812.9 
157IW2HUS2019SO LP 80M13,314163 4384.7  
158UT5ST2005SO LP 80M13,065175     
159R1BDE2015SO LP 80M13,024161 83610.0 
160UT8IT2014SO LP 80M12,880154173812.3 
161ES7FU2013SO LP 80M12,874173 63514.8 
162YL2GQG2008SO LP 80M12,669155 6357.1 
163RD9SA2014SO LP 80M12,30011817338.4 
164HA8BQ2009SO LP 80M12,300148 6355.5 
165HB9AWS2010SO LP 80M12,24311059398.4 
166SP7EBM2008SO LP 80M12,095154 7344.1 
167SQ2HNA2011SO LP 80M11,900187 4316.9 
168UX2IB2015SO LP 80M11,886161 73511.7 
169NA5NN2016SO LP 80M11,880145408184.3K2FF
170UN7EW2012SO LP 80M11,594129 8266.7 
171DA9A2018SO LP 80M11,440178 63410.4DO1NPF
172DO9TM2016SO LP 80M11,08813266369.8 
173GM1J2010SO LP 80M10,96510457394.7MM0BQI
174OM3PA2016SO LP 80M10,81210219433.4 
175WW1MM2013SO LP 80M10,72611528102411.6N1EN
176XE1H2019SO LP 80M10,304993311128.3 
1779A1AA2018SO LP 80M10,290131 43811.5 
178E77EE2018SO LP 80M10,062207 63726.2 
179EW8NN2012SO LP 80M10,032150 7317.6 
180UT3UIW2017SO LP 80M10,023170 53410.0 
181YU7D2008SO LP 80M10,01110327384.0 
182YU7RIM2019SO LP 80M9,756138 5318.4 
183G4FJK2013SO LP 80M9,41711128337.8 
1844Z5FI2019SO LP 80M9,396100 7299.1 
185IZ7XNB2017SO LP 80M9,360131 5358.8 
186YV1DIG2018SO LP 80M9,180662710173.9 
187KH6KG/W52018SO LP 80M9,1761704291114.2 
188NQ4K2011SO LP 80M9,006144378126.4 
189YO6FPW2018SO LP 80M8,815108 6375.6 
190UT3UFH2017SO LP 80M8,760115 7334.5 
191IK2SBB2018SO LP 80M8,740130 4344.5 
192G6NUM2014SO LP 80M8,74012215325.9 
193UY8IF2019SO LP 80M8,55098 94110.9 
194SP9CTS2011SO LP 80M8,474122 6324.4 
195IV3DDN2015SO LP 80M8,446120163410.2 
196UA6JQ2015SO LP 80M8,360108 83212.9 
197OK3MO2015SO LP 80M8,35810416357.4 
198SO37SONDA2014SO LP 80M8,17712017299.7SO5MAX
199IK3SSJ2015SO LP 80M8,036104 5365.7  
200SP5VIH2019SO LP 80M7,956123 6307.4 

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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