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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
101UA3BS2008SO HP 80M68,1774286145914.3 
102S51DX1997SO HP 80M68,130      
1039A7R2003SO HP 80M66,45042971355  
104HA8BE2003SO HP 80M66,38444761254  
105RX4HZ2008SO HP 80M65,9924486115614.9 
106OK2SAR2015SO HP 80M65,600542295322.7 
107DP9N2005SO HP 80M65,354427   DL9NDS 
108UR6F2001SO HP 80M64,96238571559UX0FF 
109IZ5NRF2013SO HP 80M64,94449411124924.0 
110OK2CLW2007SO HP 80M64,21848631251  
111AH6OZ2007SO HP 80M63,261265441918  
1129A7R2002SO HP 80M62,17540381255  
113DL1SWB2011SO HP 80M62,13650010115116.8 
114UT9F1999SO HP 80M61,48835191362  
115W4PK2004SO HP 80M61,182323441441  
1169A9A1996SO HP 80M60,900    9A2RA 
117SQ1OD2016SO HP 80M60,59943912125317.4 
118S57CQ1999SO HP 80M59,284405202230  
119LX7X2014SO HP 80M58,9264992104923.6LX3PR
120S51DX2001SO HP 80M58,212365121253  
121US0ZZ2006SO HP 80M57,27041361152  
1229A9A1999SO HP 80M57,040350141254  
123EU1AZ2003SO HP 80M56,0004242953  
124OM3IAG2017SO HP 80M55,6764654104818.4 
125HA9RU2001SO HP 80M54,975356101253  
126DM5TI2006SO HP 80M54,132362101355  
127LX8M2004SO HP 80M53,3654016950LX1ER 
128UT2II2006SO HP 80M53,05835151653  
129E7C2016SO HP 80M52,975428295418.7E77C
130DL6JZ2003SO HP 80M52,76840451053  
131HA1AD2007SO HP 80M52,7624193950  
132WQ2N2010SO HP 80M52,5743214312428.5 
133SP6IHE2004SO HP 80M51,984343101452  
134G3TXF2010SO HP 80M51,9203151312556.9 
135K4EA2018SO HP 80M51,38144650153419.2 
1369A9A1998SO HP 80M50,850336     
137SP5DL2019SO HP 80M50,211425195321.0 
138SP5DL2018SO HP 80M49,8374211105014.4 
139G3LDI2004SO HP 80M49,725324121152  
140HA3HZ2013SO HP 80M49,538406994416.4 
141S57DX1996SO HP 80M48,741      
142K0KT2007SO HP 80M48,708395541926  
143YL3KV2018SO HP 80M48,546422184917.9OZ9GA
144SQ9UM2004SO HP 80M48,03537731052  
145S51DX2000SO HP 80M47,952315101450  
1469A1A1994SO HP 80M47,894291   9A2RA 
147OK2KCE2004SO HP 80M47,4923897946OK2PXD 
148DA0RC2001SO HP 80M47,28635951254DL4RCK 
149UA3BS2007SO HP 80M47,190365 1254  
150UX1UX2006SO HP 80M47,05836151249  
1519A5Y1999SO HP 80M46,648333510539A6KTS 
152US0ZZ2007SO HP 80M46,36832831353  
153S53F2009SO HP 80M45,201361794510.1 
154IK3SSJ2007SO HP 80M43,9743563951  
155VE3NZ2006SO HP 80M43,378266501220  
156DL1LH2005SO HP 80M43,148344     
1579A9A1995SO HP 80M42,700300121147  
158UR8QM2007SO HP 80M42,639354 1150  
159EO6F2000SO HP 80M42,52929161253  
160SP1DTG2004SO HP 80M41,2803465847  
161OK2CLW2002SO HP 80M41,1393334950  
162SP6IHE2019SO HP 80M40,424356195215.5 
163Z36W2012SO HP 80M40,320315810465.4 
164S57DX1995SO HP 80M40,250282111049  
165YO2R2008SO HP 80M39,928314784710.8YO2RR
166SP7IIT2002SO HP 80M39,7723295848  
167F6IRF2003SO HP 80M39,74426881252  
168YU1UN2016SO HP 80M39,711319811429.1 
169K1IU1993SO HP 80M39,710      
170SQ1OD2017SO HP 80M39,0403161125113.0 
171M2E2019SO HP 80M38,454365274923.6G0RPM
172I5WNN2018SO HP 80M38,352301995013.3 
173EA2KU2019SO HP 80M38,056304149449.0 
174OK1TNM2004SO HP 80M37,700384 644OK1TNM RUDY 
175UT2IU2010SO HP 80M37,386302510479.4 
176SP3RBG2009SO HP 80M37,11528099477.6 
177VE3GLA2009SO HP 80M37,0512344611227.9 
178CT1AOZ1999SO HP 80M36,814216201148  
179SP9H2006SO HP 80M36,7403432944  
180KH6ZM2006SO HP 80M36,736194401212  
181OK1HMP2007SO HP 80M36,7203413843  
182IK1HXN1995SO HP 80M36,573252131149  
183LY1FW2001SO HP 80M36,342332 747  
184CT1AOZ1998SO HP 80M36,150217     
185N8CL/22013SO HP 80M35,5182874412306.8 
186M5A2018SO HP 80M35,2172941210416.8G3WVG
187OH1TN2007SO HP 80M35,150349 743  
188SO9T2014SO HP 80M34,503364364411.2SQ9ORQ
189OM3IAG2019SO HP 80M33,9843022104711.5 
190N1BAA2007SO HP 80M33,670229401437  
191OK2SG2005SO HP 80M33,660249     
192KH7U2005SO HP 80M33,594174     
193UX5IO2013SO HP 80M32,890377 73916.4 
194LY1BZB1999SO HP 80M32,30225321050LY2BKF 
195OK2ZC2002SO HP 80M31,8602746845  
196XE2X2019SO HP 80M31,6922164112236.3 
197N4CC1996SO HP 80M30,972      
198HA8BE2005SO HP 80M30,744244     
199OM1AVK2004SO HP 80M30,7322933742  
200UT0H2003SO HP 80M30,42024921147  

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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