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1315 results found
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#CallQTHYearCategoryScore  QSOs  ZnCtyWVEHoursOperator(s) Cert
1201JA1XPUJA12002SO HIGH 15M3,7383214199  
1202SP3MYSP2002SO HIGH 15M3,710409179  
1203JG3BXSJA32015SO HIGH 15M3,686401226 2.8 
1204JF3LOPJA32010SO HIGH 15M3,686351028 1.9 
1205YB3MMYB2018SO HIGH 15M3,638391024 1.8 
12069K2HN9K2016SO HIGH 15M3,62459816 0.8 
1207AO3DCREA1992SO HIGH 15M3,6083792111EA3DCR 
1208DL7BCDL2016SO HIGH 15M3,53436131781.7 
1209YE3AAYB2017SO HIGH 15M (C)3,500431421 2.6 
1210JA2KPVJA21997SO HIGH 15M3,500      
1211DU9LMTDU1989SO HIGH 15M3,450468161  
1212S50DXS52006SO HIGH 15M3,4004011212  
1213JH3GCNJA32011SO HIGH 15M3,38446102511.9 
1214OH3LQKOH1997SO HIGH 15M3,344      
1215IW1QNI2007SO HIGH 15M3,332401222   
1216LA5HPALA2015SO HIGH 15M3,32545102323.0 
1217JP1ODJJA11989SO HIGH 15M3,306331424   
1218WA6FITW61992SO HIGH 15M3,2682915226  
1219JH1DVGJA12012SO HIGH 15M3,159291316101.3 
1220JK3RHXJA32016SO HIGH 15M (C)3,13240920 4.6 
1221EA3EGBEA1987SO HIGH 15M3,1023391113  
1222OM3CPSOM1994SO HIGH 15M3,00328     
1223SM6BSKSM1994SO HIGH 15M3,00228     
1224UA3WCVUA-32001SO HIGH 15M2,970409231  
1225EA7CWAEA2004SO HIGH 15M2,9454110192  
1226YC3GOQYB2019SO HIGH 15M2,94035820 1.3 
1227OM7PYOM2006SO HIGH 15M2,912381121   
1228N2ZNW22018SO HIGH 15M2,85240111372.8 
1229EA1YWEA1988SO HIGH 15M2,8223281313  
1230HB9TMWHB2008SO HIGH 15M2,772341018 5.9 
1231HB9HLEHB1993SO HIGH 15M2,625      
1232JR1NKNJA12007SO HIGH 15M2,607331320   
1233PY2EQPY2007SO HIGH 15M2,5413012147  
1234SV1NASV1996SO HIGH 15M2,484      
1235PS7DXPY2015SO HIGH 15M2,4753292044.2 
1236PT2OOPY2003SO HIGH 15M2,475261023   
1237EA3FNIEA1989SO HIGH 15M2,4702812224  
1238IU4CSSI2022SO HIGH 15M (C)2,3224391353.0 
1239RA9AEAUA92019SO HIGH 15M (C)2,27537916 3.8 
1240EA1YWEA1987SO HIGH 15M2,2482612148  
1241NW0FW01990SO HIGH 15M2,24234121412  
1242PA5APA2010SO HIGH 15M2,17623121750.9 
1243SQ4GXOSP1999SO HIGH 15M2,040369123  
1244OM8HGOM2003SO HIGH 15M2,0002811122  
1245YL2CVYL2008SO HIGH 15M1,99234717 23.2 
1246UA9URUA92008SO HIGH 15M1,95529617 1.5 
1247SP2FNSP1991SO HIGH 15M1,944338142  
1248PR7AYEPY2003SO HIGH 15M1,904247147  
1249OM3PROM1996SO HIGH 15M1,890      
1250JA1SJVJA11996SO HIGH 15M1,800      
1251JG3BXSJA32013SO HIGH 15M1,79429719 1.9 
1252G9DG2021SO HIGH 15M (C)1,70232914 1.4G6NHU
1253DU1CSUDU1990SO HIGH 15M1,700307112  
1254KJ6HOW61991SO HIGH 15M1,628328722  
1255YF2UFAYB2019SO HIGH 15M1,595251019 12.0 
1256N8KHSW81990SO HIGH 15M1,488298716  
1257BV4VQBV2022SO HIGH 15M (C)1,4645357 2.8 
1258EA1BLFEA1996SO HIGH 15M1,464      
1259RA3SLUA-32007SO HIGH 15M1,428211018   
1260EA1YWEA1989SO HIGH 15M1,416255118  
1261YU3HMS51992SO HIGH 15M1,4042110142  
1262RA4LKUA-42004SO HIGH 15M1,3921911162  
1263JE4SMQJA42013SO HIGH 15M1,35724914 1.9 
1264JA7KMJA71994SO HIGH 15M1,34417     
1265OH3KPJOH1993SO HIGH 15M1,300      
1266FD1PYIF1992SO HIGH 15M1,276241019   
1267VK8BEVK1990SO HIGH 15M1,19721883  
1268PS7YLPY2007SO HIGH 15M1,17319887  
1269VE6SHVE61990SO HIGH 15M1,1612161110  
1270PY2HFPY1993SO HIGH 15M1,156      
1271ES5TVES2016SO HIGH 15M1,0801832150.6 
1272UO4OFER1991SO HIGH 15M1,01220715   
1273DL3JGNDL2010SO HIGH 15M9601681110.7 
1274YV4GLDYV1996SO HIGH 15M861      
1275LZ1MCLZ2006SO HIGH 15M85814913   
1276JE2UFFJA21992SO HIGH 15M845259255534  
1277YB1HDRYB2017SO HIGH 15M84020119 1.2 
12787K3OZQJA12007SO HIGH 15M777151011   
1279ZP6CWZP1991SO HIGH 15M77020671  
1280DJ6XBDL2006SO HIGH 15M76015694  
1281EC2AXMEA1991SO HIGH 15M75618417   
1282JI6JSDJA61990SO HIGH 15M672149111  
1283EA4ZBEA2003SO HIGH 15M66014614   
1284OM3PROM1995SO HIGH 15M62011884  
1285SP2ZCDSP1990SO HIGH 15M62011875  
1286IT9ORAIT91998SO HIGH 15M60924     
1287RW4LQUA-42003SO HIGH 15M59412810   
1288D60ACD62021SO HIGH 15M5881459 1.0  
1289HK4FXFHK1989SO HIGH 15M57013784  
1290OH2LIROH2021SO HIGH 15M468999 1.6 
1291YO2CMIYO1988SO HIGH 15M4551558   
1292JA6FFOJA62022SO HIGH 15M448116710.9 
1293SP6IHESP2006SO HIGH 15M4201648   
1294PY4PWPY2004SO HIGH 15M3841357   
1295LZ5QZLZ2020SO HIGH 15M3381658 2.2 
1296JA8TGDJA82022SO HIGH 15M324948 3.0 
1297YC5OUBYB2006SO HIGH 15M322968   
1298W6OATW72022SO HIGH 15M308105541.1 
1299K4RVW42004SO HIGH 15M3001055   
1300JL2XUNJA21988SO HIGH 15M216836   
1315 results found
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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