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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
901W0PCW02019SO HIGH 40M2,3044922773.0 
902I2FUMI1990SO HIGH 40M2,304323722  
903JI1JPJJA12019SO HIGH 40M2,27725413161.5 
904R5FIUA-32019SO HIGH 40M2,23347 7222.4 
905ON6NLON1996SO HIGH 40M2,232      
906PV8IGPY2003SO HIGH 40M2,20826 1121  
907YB3SZMYB2018SO HIGH 40M2,14670691412.5 
908JK7CJMJA72019SO HIGH 40M2,1396049106.2 
909UR5NXUR2001SO HIGH 40M2,13337 720  
910IK1NDBI1990SO HIGH 40M2,130324719  
911KC3EFW32008SO HIGH 40M2,1123097176.1 
912SD1ASM2017SO HIGH 40M2,00050 3172.0SM1TDE
913DL3EBXDL2004SO HIGH 40M1,98835 622  
914SN70RSP2009SO HIGH 40M1,9713515211.2SP2UUU
915ES4MFES2004SO HIGH 40M1,95038 520  
916JA8EATJA81987SO HIGH 40M1,91135588  
917I2FUMI1991SO HIGH 40M1,860292721  
9189M2CDX9M22019SO HIGH 40M (R)1,85342 6113.0 
919YO3FWC/PYO1993SO HIGH 40M1,850      
920JR2CFDJA21990SO HIGH 40M1,82925 1219  
921HC3APHC1992SO HIGH 40M1,800251275  
922PA3BUDPA1993SO HIGH 40M1,664      
923W8OHTW82010SO HIGH 40M1,6502788141.9 
924UR5FCMUR2000SO HIGH 40M1,65031 520  
925IO1KHPI1989SO HIGH 40M1,638322618  
926SP5XOSP2007SO HIGH 40M1,61223 823  
927JA8EATJA81990SO HIGH 40M1,560241088  
928W5OVW52012SO HIGH 40M1,5363015890.6 
929JO7GVCJA72017SO HIGH 40M (C)1,5122768101.1 
930OK1LOOK2007SO HIGH 40M1,500271717  
931SP3CCTSP1987SO HIGH 40M1,47462 616  
932JR2ALAJA22019SO HIGH 40M (C)1,4032329122.2 
933JA2NNFJA21995SO HIGH 40M1,3502021114  
934JG1TGQJA12020SO HIGH 40M1,344377774.2 
935IV3BTYI2022SO HIGH 40M1,3343435151.8 
936EB1ICEA2020SO HIGH 40M1,33428 4191.1  
937DJ1MMDL2013SO HIGH 40M1,3112547120.4 
938Y23YEDM1990SO HIGH 40M1,27524 718  
9394Z8EE4X2002SO HIGH 40M1,248292066  
940UR4FWIUR1996SO HIGH 40M1,232      
941KK5XIW51996SO HIGH 40M1,221      
942JH1NCZJA12013SO HIGH 40M1,1042158112.1 
943JO3AGQJA32011SO HIGH 40M1,04023 7131.0 
944BD4SIBY2007SO HIGH 40M93624 810  
945K6TETW62020SO HIGH 40M7842917653.2 
946JA2ESRJA21994SO HIGH 40M76515     
947PU2LSMPY2007SO HIGH 40M73817 810  
948IW1BEFI2008SO HIGH 40M73120 5121.3 
949YB3FTDYB2017SO HIGH 40M (C)7031917113.4 
950JI4JGDJA42006SO HIGH 40M693171911  
951JA8UONJA82007SO HIGH 40M660161910  
952AY8ALU2017SO HIGH 40M646134691.3 
953W4JLSW41992SO HIGH 40M644201454  
954JR2ALAJA22018SO HIGH 40M (C)627125681.3 
955N9CCIW91991SO HIGH 40M624251842  
956PR7ARPY2001SO HIGH 40M59512269  
957WB3DW42020SO HIGH 40M5892310541.8 
958SP3RBTSP1990SO HIGH 40M551142512  
959SP7FBQSP2003SO HIGH 40M51820 311  
960RW0ARUA02007SO HIGH 40M47610 710  
961YB2DGRYB2004SO HIGH 40M35110 67  
962WB6JJJW72020SO HIGH 40M342159541.2 
963JH2LMHJA22019SO HIGH 40M19072440.7 
964K6TETW62019SO HIGH 40M165136322.3 
965OK1DOHOKOM1987SO HIGH 40M1538 36  
966HK4LIIHK1987SO HIGH 40M1205244  
967HJ4NPXHK1987SO HIGH 40M1129233  
968BV4VBBV1990SO HIGH 40M1045 35  
969SP2FFSP1987SO HIGH 40M664 34  
970HK4HQUHK1987SO HIGH 40M494133  
971ON4APUON1992SO HIGH 40M484 24  
972JF2IGPJA22001SO HIGH 40M355 23  
973N2ALE/6W61996SO HIGH 40M28      
974HJ4MYQHK1987SO HIGH 40M253122  
975HJ4NBXHK1987SO HIGH 40M252122  
976HJ4NNMHK1987SO HIGH 40M253122  
977HK4HQTHK1987SO HIGH 40M253122  
978JS1NDMJA12019SO HIGH 40M2422110.1 
979HC1JPHC2004SO HIGH 40M244 11  
980SP3SBOSP1989SO HIGH 40M183 12  
981WB2WPMW22022SO HIGH 40M1521220.1 
982HJ4NHSHK1987SO HIGH 40M91111  
983HK4KAQHK1987SO HIGH 40M91111  
984HK4MDHHK1987SO HIGH 40M91111  
985RZ0AFUA02012SO HIGH 40M61 11 
986HJ4OGAHK1987SO HIGH 40M63 11  
987HJ4MBOHK1987SO HIGH 40M42 11  
988HK4KNKHK1987SO HIGH 40M41 11  
989JJ2RONJA22014SO HIGH 40M31111 
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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