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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1SB0A2015SO QRP 20M146,94453325267723.1SM0LPO
2TG9ANF2016SO QRP 20M116,19449150184112.6 
3WB4OMM2014SO QRP 20M104,00232649277324.1 
4YU1NR2018SO QRP 20M102,43838726267428.7  
5IZ2JPN2012SO QRP 20M96,40636330246418.7 
6UA8AA2014SO QRP 20M78,38433311225921.2 
7YU1NR2012SO QRP 20M67,522382 246716.0 
8SP6QKP2013SO QRP 20M64,97429721225915.9 
9YU1NR2019SO QRP 20M56,18025115246722.3 
10YO4BEW2014SO QRP 20M51,24326214186117.5 
11IK4UXA2013SO QRP 20M48,68528021185221.4 
12ES1LS2013SO QRP 20M42,35425413184713.2 
13YU1RH2016SO QRP 20M38,15724814135222.7 
14IK1RKU2015SO QRP 20M37,92021714184821.0 
15YO3DAC2018SO QRP 20M37,22223519114426.8 
16YU1RH2017SO QRP 20M34,95822612135220.5 
17ZP9MCE2015SO QRP 20M29,5801343717335.2 
18OH2DP2016SO QRP 20M29,18319114194419.5 
19RW3AI2018SO QRP 20M28,4162151135021.7 
20DK7HA2017SO QRP 20M26,95018116124213.7 
21KB2YAN2014SO QRP 20M26,50814533184314.8 
22E73TTT2013SO QRP 20M24,7261411918419.0 
23VE3HLS2013SO QRP 20M23,84012423154212.8 
24RW3AI2015SO QRP 20M23,1401761145016.3 
25KC7CM2016SO QRP 20M22,57613930213218.7 
26WE6EZ2019SO QRP 20M20,2802641173420.0RALF HUCKE
27IT9DGZ2018SO QRP 20M19,38918218123913.1 
28UX8ZA2018SO QRP 20M19,0561961103715.6 
29LU1FM2012SO QRP 20M18,772981522394.6 
302E0LJZ2015SO QRP 20M18,47119978328.1 
31R7RAG2017SO QRP 20M17,7661755103919.6 
32WD9FTZ2017SO QRP 20M16,63210820164111.1 
33YC2MDU2016SO QRP 20M16,12097416428.0 
34BG7SFE2017SO QRP 20M15,5761631142917.0 
35YO4BEW2017SO QRP 20M15,0221239133612.6 
36SP5NZZ2017SO QRP 20M14,7181208144414.4 
37PD1AW2013SO QRP 20M14,672132514376.6 
38M3C2015SO QRP 20M14,219119612419.2G0VQR
39LY5G2019SO QRP 20M13,6001334103616.9 
40DK1AUP2015SO QRP 20M13,398982011277.8 
41IZ2QKG2014SO QRP 20M12,8031125114311.3 
42G5N2018SO QRP 20M12,7121291173817.1G0SBN
43K0MP/72014SO QRP 20M12,69615344101517.0 
44YO5OHY2014SO QRP 20M12,566971411364.1 
45RW3AI2019SO QRP 20M12,137107 12416.8 
46YO9AGN2016SO QRP 20M11,700129513329.9 
47RW3AI2016SO QRP 20M10,575109 9387.4 
48S57LR2013SO QRP 20M9,800101310367.2 
49UX8ZA2019SO QRP 20M9,315113 103513.0 
50DL/SP2UUU2015SO QRP 20M8,844115 123210.8SP2UUU
51VE6EX2018SO QRP 20M8,32597239138.0 
52II8MI2019SO QRP 20M7,728691111267.8IW8EHK
53CO6WYR2018SO QRP 20M7,526622211202.7 
54DL5RFK2016SO QRP 20M7,48086118259.8 
55UX8ZA2017SO QRP 20M7,410107192914.0 
56UA9WIK2014SO QRP 20M7,2897217295.5 
57DL2LDE2017SO QRP 20M6,864874103010.9 
58EA1GFY2013SO QRP 20M6,86488 7326.2 
59CO6WYR2019SO QRP 20M5,900562113163.5 
60DJ3GE2018SO QRP 20M5,8147797225.7 
61I0HJN2013SO QRP 20M5,4947857297.0 
62RA3XEV2019SO QRP 20M5,08276 6276.8 
63BG7SFE2018SO QRP 20M4,80679 111611.3 
64VU2UR2013SO QRP 20M3,96041 10263.7 
65IZ1TTR2013SO QRP 20M3,8004869257.1 
66SQ3MZM2016SO QRP 20M3,56448510215.9 
67OK8TNA2014SO QRP 20M3,42968162012.1 
68YC2MDU2017SO QRP 20M3,21942 10273.9 
69N8URE2019SO QRP 20M3,15960219916.1 
70S5/PA3BHF2016SO QRP 20M3,120341010192.6M0MPM
71EA1GFY2014SO QRP 20M2,8085615214.1 
72M2M2017SO QRP 20M2,5284718233.9G0WAT
73W4ZGR/12018SO QRP 20M2,5113966153.6 
742E0LJZ2016SO QRP 20M2,3704417222.5 
75GM0HVS2015SO QRP 20M2,22046362110.7 
76JR0BUL2016SO QRP 20M2,11227511164.9 
77WB4OMM2017SO QRP 20M2,0462558201.0 
78S54G2019SO QRP 20M1,95027108122.7 
79EA2GM2018SO QRP 20M1,84057 3178.4 
80TG9ADQ2015SO QRP 20M1,6802499123.2 
81K3TW/42013SO QRP 20M1,59831168101.9 
82RA0AY2019SO QRP 20M1,38027 9142.7 
83JE1CAC2018SO QRP 20M1,12222 9133.0 
84EA3FHP2017SO QRP 20M1,12225 5170.7 
85K0TI2016SO QRP 20M9522115671.5 
86IZ2QKG2013SO QRP 20M8822615122.1 
879M2DRL2017SO QRP 20M78025 583.7 
88IZ2JNN2019SO QRP 20M70017 5151.4 
89KK7A2016SO QRP 20M682218863.6 
90UX3IT2014SO QRP 20M6121625110.5 
91PD0PIW2016SO QRP 20M60027 480.9  
92F5SAZ2015SO QRP 20M59517 4132.5 
934O6ZD2018SO QRP 20M52820 4121.9 
94JF6LIU2018SO QRP 20M49612 792.4 
95EA1GFY2016SO QRP 20M38414 4121.4 
96N6HI2019SO QRP 20M3802213432.9 
97M0WLY2015SO QRP 20M375122581.7 
98JE1CAC2016SO QRP 20M36313 381.0 
99YO8TRU2019SO QRP 20M338121481.7 
100EA5GTQ2012SO QRP 20M325103460.1 


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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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