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RankCallQTHYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1SB0ASM2015SO QRP 20M146,94453325267723.1SM0LPO
2TG9ANFTG2016SO QRP 20M (C)116,19449150184112.6 
3WB4OMMW42014SO QRP 20M104,00232649277324.1 
4YU1NRYT2018SO QRP 20M102,43838726267428.7  
5IZ2JPNI2012SO QRP 20M96,40636330246418.7 
6UA8AAUA92014SO QRP 20M78,38433311225921.2 
7YU1NRYT2020SO QRP 20M71,81133719206223.1 
8YU1NRYT2012SO QRP 20M67,522382 246716.0 
9SP6QKPSP2013SO QRP 20M64,97429721225915.9 
109A3ZI9A2020SO QRP 20M58,87928420195821.9 
11YU1NRYT2019SO QRP 20M56,18025115246722.3 
12YO4BEWYO2014SO QRP 20M51,24326214186117.5 
13IK4UXAI2013SO QRP 20M48,68528021185221.4 
14ES1LSES2013SO QRP 20M42,35425413184713.2 
15YU1RHYT2016SO QRP 20M38,15724814135222.7 
16IK1RKUI2015SO QRP 20M37,92021714184821.0 
17YO3DACYO2018SO QRP 20M37,22223519114426.8 
18HK3WHK2020SO QRP 20M35,1121643213315.4  
19YU1RHYT2017SO QRP 20M34,95822612135220.5 
20HI3AAHI2021SO QRP 20M (C)32,0421842910357.4 
21ZP9MCEZP2015SO QRP 20M29,5801343717335.2 
22OH2DPOH2016SO QRP 20M29,18319114194419.5 
23RW3AIUA-32018SO QRP 20M28,4162151135021.7 
24DK7HADL2017SO QRP 20M26,95018116124213.7 
25YU1RHYT2021SO QRP 20M26,88018214144218.4 
26KB2YANW22014SO QRP 20M26,50814533184314.8 
27IZ2JPNI2020SO QRP 20M25,90017211144919.9 
28E73TTTE72013SO QRP 20M24,7261411918419.0 
29VE3HLSVE32013SO QRP 20M23,84012423154212.8 
30RW3AIUA-32015SO QRP 20M23,1401761145016.3 
31KC7CMW72016SO QRP 20M22,57613930213218.7 
32SP4LVKSP2020SO QRP 20M20,92315810114017.3 
33WE6EZW52019SO QRP 20M20,2802641173420.0RALF HUCKE
34IT9DGZIT92018SO QRP 20M19,38918218123913.1 
35UX8ZAUR2018SO QRP 20M19,0561961103715.6 
36LU1FMLU2012SO QRP 20M18,772981522394.6 
372E0LJZG2015SO QRP 20M18,47119978328.1 
38R7RAGUA-62017SO QRP 20M (R)17,7661755103919.6 
39WE6EZW52020SO QRP 20M17,4591623617268.4 
40WD9FTZW82017SO QRP 20M16,63210820164111.1 
41YC2MDUYB2016SO QRP 20M (C)16,12097416428.0 
42BG7SFEBY2017SO QRP 20M15,5761631142917.0 
43UX4CRUR2021SO QRP 20M15,5521455103913.5 
44YO4BEWYO2017SO QRP 20M15,0221239133612.6 
45UX8ZAUR2021SO QRP 20M (C)14,832173 93912.1 
46SP5NZZSP2017SO QRP 20M14,7181208144414.4 
47PD1AWPA2013SO QRP 20M14,672132514376.6 
48M3CG2015SO QRP 20M14,219119612419.2G0VQR
49G0TPHG2020SO QRP 20M13,867140683515.7 
50LY5GLY2019SO QRP 20M13,6001334103616.9 
51DK1AUPDL2015SO QRP 20M13,398982011277.8 
52IZ2QKGI2014SO QRP 20M12,8031125114311.3 
53G5NG2018SO QRP 20M12,7121291173817.1G0SBN
54K0MP/7W72014SO QRP 20M12,69615344101517.0 
55YO5OHYYO2014SO QRP 20M (C)12,566971411364.1 
56RW3AIUA-32020SO QRP 20M12,350122 11399.5 
57RW3AIUA-32019SO QRP 20M12,137107 12416.8 
58YO9AGNYO2016SO QRP 20M11,700129513329.9 
59HA0GKHA2021SO QRP 20M (C)11,1501285113413.5 
60UN8PTUN2020SO QRP 20M (C)10,621141 11329.0 
61RW3AIUA-32016SO QRP 20M10,575109 9387.4 
62S57LRS52013SO QRP 20M9,800101310367.2 
63UX8ZAUR2019SO QRP 20M (C)9,315113 103513.0 
64DL/SP2UUUDL2015SO QRP 20M8,844115 123210.8SP2UUU
65UX8ZAUR2020SO QRP 20M (C)8,604124 7299.1 
66VE6EXVE62018SO QRP 20M8,32597239138.0 
67II8MII2019SO QRP 20M (R)7,728691111267.8IW8EHK
68CO6WYRCM2018SO QRP 20M7,526622211202.7 
69DL5RFKDL2016SO QRP 20M7,48086118259.8 
70UX8ZAUR2017SO QRP 20M7,410107192914.0 
71UA9WIKUA92014SO QRP 20M7,2897217295.5 
72DL2LDEDL2017SO QRP 20M (C)6,864874103010.9 
73EA1GFYEA2013SO QRP 20M6,86488 7326.2 
74I2BPPI2021SO QRP 20M6,03069411306.5 
75CO6WYRCM2019SO QRP 20M5,900562113163.5 
76DJ3GEDL2018SO QRP 20M5,8147797225.7 
77I0HJNI2013SO QRP 20M5,4947857297.0 
78DJ3HWDL2021SO QRP 20M (C)5,428551210243.9 
79M4CG2021SO QRP 20M (C)5,2077839294.8G0FCT
80RA3XEVUA-32019SO QRP 20M5,08276 6276.8 
81BG7SFEBY2018SO QRP 20M4,80679 111611.3 
82LZ1MCLZ2021SO QRP 20M4,71661 8281.8 
83VU2URVU2013SO QRP 20M3,96041 10263.7 
84IZ1TTRI2013SO QRP 20M3,8004869257.1 
85IT9DGZIT92020SO QRP 20M3,72082283011.3 
86SQ3MZMSP2016SO QRP 20M3,56448510215.9 
87OK8TNAOK2014SO QRP 20M3,42968162012.1 
88YC2MDUYB2017SO QRP 20M (C)3,21942 10273.9 
89N8UREW82019SO QRP 20M (C)3,15960219916.1 
90S5/PA3BHFS52016SO QRP 20M3,120341010192.6M0MPM
91EA1GFYEA2014SO QRP 20M2,8085615214.1 
92VE4TLAVE42020SO QRP 20M (R)2,7654620874.3 
93UB4FFBUA-42021SO QRP 20M2,55046 6287.1 
94M2MG2017SO QRP 20M2,5284718233.9G0WAT
95W4ZGR/1W12018SO QRP 20M2,5113966153.6 
96ON3DION2020SO QRP 20M2,46161 4199.8 
972E0LJZG2016SO QRP 20M (C)2,3704417222.5 
98TA4ATA2020SO QRP 20M2,26840 4171.4 
99GM0HVSGM2015SO QRP 20M2,22046362110.7 
100JR0BULJA02016SO QRP 20M2,11227511164.9 
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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Rookie (R): licensed less than 3 years
Classic (C): single op, no assistance, 1 radio, max 24 hours
TB-Wires (T): tribander for 10-20m and single-element wire antennas for 40-80m
Youth (Y): Operator 25 years old or less

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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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