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RankCallYearCategoryScoreQSOsStatesZonesCtyHoursOperator(s) Cert
1EB3CW2017SA LP 80M133,75061129156323.2 
2EB3CW2019SA LP 80M129,16865615197025.0 
3EA8MT2013SA LP 80M93,67034631145018.9 
4LZ5XQ2019SA LP 80M74,8804937135821.4 
5G8X2019SA LP 80M73,8005059115528.8G4FJK
6OK4GP2018SA LP 80M73,5204598145827.6 
7M0HMJ2019SA LP 80M67,145536685128.7 
8LZ5XQ2018SA LP 80M66,2405002115621.7 
9UR6EA2015SA LP 80M62,5514577105424.8 
10SP5OXJ2013SA LP 80M58,8884419114816.9 
11DO1ISE2018SA LP 80M57,96734312146513.7 
12OK4GP2017SA LP 80M55,2383964125521.8 
13SV5DKL2017SA LP 80M50,9873871115516.9 
14IK0XBX2011SA LP 80M49,650338149527.6 
15SV2CLJ2017SA LP 80M48,815396195522.8 
16LZ9R2015SA LP 80M48,384380694918.1 
17IW4EGX2017SA LP 80M48,1804013105321.2 
18IT9XTP2019SA LP 80M44,631394 75016.9 
19IO9Z2018SA LP 80M41,5883147135420.4IT9KXK
20EU8A2019SA LP 80M40,310374 85020.5 
21UA5F2017SA LP 80M39,600318 11559.8 
22ES3VI2016SA LP 80M34,079333 74620.6 
23UR5WCW2019SA LP 80M32,879302185221.7 
24M7V2015SA LP 80M32,06726310104311.2M0VAA
25S54X2014SA LP 80M31,920294484510.1 
26ER3AU2014SA LP 80M31,900281184917.2 
27KG9X2018SA LP 80M30,56034450141615.1 
28YU1XX2013SA LP 80M30,464279584318.4 
29OM7KW2015SA LP 80M30,447311 74412.3 
30UA5F2019SA LP 80M30,153299184810.4 
31AB1J2016SA LP 80M28,47524347102816.6 
32OK4K2015SA LP 80M27,144281284211.0OK1BOA
33N2CEI2018SA LP 80M27,04828444122823.0 
34ES5RY2017SA LP 80M26,460220211478.9 
35IT9RZU2019SA LP 80M25,596240 84611.5 
36OK4K2019SA LP 80M24,48623529425.3OK1BOA
37UT3N2019SA LP 80M23,608285 84411.4UT3NK
389A1AD2018SA LP 80M22,000204 7489.0 
39IT9RZU2013SA LP 80M21,900229293916.6 
40HA2NA2015SA LP 80M21,76220619447.9 
41UR8IDX2015SA LP 80M20,3521722125012.4 
42UR4CYT2018SA LP 80M20,196228 84311.1UT6CW 
43DO2XX2019SA LP 80M19,80021417424.4 
44IK0XBX2012SA LP 80M19,55219818434.6 
45M6BIR2019SA LP 80M18,810263 53315.7 
46Z33F2018SA LP 80M18,480211 64211.0 
47UA5F2016SA LP 80M17,003202174111.4 
48NA5NN2013SA LP 80M16,344171439206.1K2FF
49S53F2013SA LP 80M16,12817427395.4 
50DJ8ES2012SA LP 80M16,11216639416.2 
51LZ1QZ2019SA LP 80M15,300170 6398.0 
52YL2KO2014SA LP 80M14,906132211458.7 
53YU7U2011SA LP 80M13,92314528414.4 
54DH1TST2017SA LP 80M12,084129184410.3 
559A3BWW2015SA LP 80M11,931150 5368.0 
56F4EFI2018SA LP 80M11,79713116409.0 
57TA1DX2015SA LP 80M11,137152 7369.4 
58SV3FUP2017SA LP 80M10,868174 5337.3 
59RM4W2018SA LP 80M10,368113 9399.6 
60SQ4NR2018SA LP 80M9,963129 6353.7 
61UY8IF2016SA LP 80M9,95597310427.1 
62F4BKV2018SA LP 80M9,94512358323.6  
63LN7TTT2018SA LP 80M9,675123 5384.7LA5LJA
64RO1M2017SA LP 80M9,159119 8356.5  
65UY8IF2017SA LP 80M7,99095 8399.4 
66UX9Q2012SA LP 80M7,752121 7316.1UR9QQ
67PA0MIR2015SA LP 80M7,600101 6323.1 
68A61BK2013SA LP 80M7,48087 8266.5 
69IK0TUM2013SA LP 80M6,804103 6304.6 
70E72MM2011SA LP 80M6,66098 5311.9 
71SQ8J2013SA LP 80M5,9407049324.2 
729A3LYL2019SA LP 80M5,60072 5354.0 
73IZ5OQX2019SA LP 80M5,53698 5275.9 
74K6VHF2013SA LP 80M5,280104328828.0 
75YO7CVL2017SA LP 80M5,14377 6314.3YR7J
76KK4HEG2015SA LP 80M5,040117354322.1 
77KI1U2016SA LP 80M4,88474237145.2 
78EF7W2011SA LP 80M4,7886746323.3EC7KW
79DL1A2012SA LP 80M4,7607726261.4DO4DXA
80HZ1BW2016SA LP 80M4,74058 7232.6 
81OH5CX2018SA LP 80M4,37978 4252.6 
82IZ5OQX2015SA LP 80M4,212101 42213.2 
83EA1DR2016SA LP 80M4,0336218285.1 
84IZ5OQX2017SA LP 80M3,53680 4228.2 
85UA3YCX2015SA LP 80M3,51066 5255.1 
86W6NF2017SA LP 80M3,4867133543.2 
87G7TWC2018SA LP 80M3,3303816384.3 
88WF7T2014SA LP 80M3,1396234542.9 
89UA9UX2016SA LP 80M2,74437 72110.1 
90RG7K2014SA LP 80M2,4654415235.9 
91YO3BL2013SA LP 80M2,37650 5221.1 
92F4BKV2013SA LP 80M1,99840 5221.4 
93SV1XV2012SA LP 80M1,82536 5206.5 
94IZ5OQX2016SA LP 80M1,34439 3184.3 
95JG1LFR2017SA LP 80M1,2887235623.6 
96E72MD2018SA LP 80M1,26530 4191.5 
97IZ5OQX2018SA LP 80M1,18837 4182.7 
98EC7KW2017SA LP 80M72022 4169.0  
99SQ1RMM2012SA LP 80M68421 4151.3 
100R2AT2019SA LP 80M32515 490.7 


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Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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