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1E79D2010SO LP 40M329,62891442278727.0 [Cert]
2HQ9R2009SO LP 40M298,90091456206421.6WQ7R[Cert]
3YU7NW2005SO LP 40M296,888870     
4ER6A2010SO LP 40M283,96889732288425.9ER1LW[Cert]
5E79D2008SO LP 40M280,83089534248029.9 [Cert]
6UT2UZ2009SO LP 40M280,47684838268329.6 [Cert]
74Z5UN2014SO LP 40M278,38277931227627.3 [Cert]
8EA3GLB2012SO LP 40M268,40990245227224.3 [Cert]
9WA1Z2012SO LP 40M255,34587554236823.6 [Cert]
104Z5UN2013SO LP 40M221,98071026186625.9 [Cert]
11UR7TZ2010SO LP 40M221,54474025258627.1 [Cert]
12SP3VSE2011SO LP 40M210,87079138237428.2 [Cert]
13HF70W2009SO LP 40M203,90788018237032.2 [Cert]
14VY2LI2010SO LP 40M189,17463747156115.8 [Cert]
15YY1JGT2008SO LP 40M184,34250847175820.9 [Cert]
16HA5LZ2009SO LP 40M178,43563925257722.9 [Cert]
17S51D2010SO LP 40M175,67454340227216.0 [Cert]
18YV1JGT2009SO LP 40M165,50044647225619.0 [Cert]
19SP3GXH2008SO LP 40M163,21552731228215.0 [Cert]
20I3PXN2015SO LP 40M163,18472425186940.0 [Cert]
21HA8BE2013SO LP 40M158,88061332177124.2 [Cert]
22HA5LZ2010SO LP 40M158,79654426258118.6 [Cert]
23ZX7A2009SO LP 40M156,98442650185614.3PS7TKS[Cert]
24SP6IHE2011SO LP 40M155,70362635227220.8 [Cert]
252I0GWA2012SO LP 40M154,66560744144711.3 [Cert]
26YL3CU2012SO LP 40M153,54569325186427.8 [Cert]
27WA1FCN/42010SO LP 40M152,98566455226418.5 [Cert]
28YL3CU2011SO LP 40M141,10559228186922.9 [Cert]
29EA6SX2015SO LP 40M139,39247639226711.3 [Cert]
30YL3CU2014SO LP 40M127,26062513187039.0 [Cert]
31YU5RY2015SO LP 40M121,57655424166426.6 [Cert]
32IK8NBE2015SO LP 40M121,24951525196924.2 [Cert]
33EW8DZ2013SO LP 40M120,43256421206324.4 [Cert]
34AA8R2013SO LP 40M119,78450253246115.9 [Cert]
35OM3RWB2014SO LP 40M118,33555821186630.4OM3ZCK[Cert]
36US7KC2015SO LP 40M117,70561818176027.4 [Cert]
37ON3DI2012SO LP 40M114,27651930166133.2 [Cert]
384Z5UN2012SO LP 40M110,71649514156018.0UU2JM[Cert]
394M5RY2008SO LP 40M107,17231143185610.1YV5KAJ[Cert]
40RN6HDX2009SO LP 40M104,78854812156523.9 [Cert]
41IK0LNN2009SO LP 40M104,22944022236614.2 [Cert]
42YO4RDW2013SO LP 40M103,88051025155831.3 [Cert]
43Z33F2012SO LP 40M103,22459618146017.6 [Cert]
44IK0RCY2014SO LP 40M103,02050019166729.8 [Cert]
45IK2DZN2010SO LP 40M102,06949619186218.6 [Cert]
46IK0RCY2009SO LP 40M101,82249620166220.0 [Cert]
47G4DBW2013SO LP 40M100,80051120156119.6 [Cert]
48YO6CFB2008SO LP 40M98,12040020197116.0 [Cert]
494M1F2015SO LP 40M96,45933942165313.4YV1JGT[Cert]
50K2PAL2008SO LP 40M95,40441947185712.3 [Cert]
51EA3EJJ2009SO LP 40M94,76439433185517.1 [Cert]
52ON4CT2010SO LP 40M93,9553672524667.7 [Cert]
53E79D2009SO LP 40M92,49644425155410.5 [Cert]
54OK2SAR2012SO LP 40M90,35551818125516.3 [Cert]
55GW4MVA2013SO LP 40M89,62845520176020.4 [Cert]
56I3PXN2013SO LP 40M89,50744028156025.0 [Cert]
57HC2GF2008SO LP 40M89,3452814118489.7 [Cert]
58AD4Z2010SO LP 40M89,20837847186113.5 [Cert]
59DJ0MCZ2011SO LP 40M87,51445825155819.7 [Cert]
60UA3SAQ2005SO LP 40M87,152390     
61IK8NBE2013SO LP 40M87,13840230165717.6 [Cert]
62VA3XH2014SO LP 40M86,80236950164515.6 [Cert]
63N4IJ/52013SO LP 40M85,05039148266115.8 [Cert]
64SM5MX2012SO LP 40M84,78048716146022.1 [Cert]
65NX9G2013SO LP 40M82,04235643255926.0NX9G @K9XD[Cert]
66SP3UIW2015SO LP 40M81,21642016166427.7 [Cert]
67VY2LI2009SO LP 40M80,89231737155610.0 [Cert]
68UT0NN2013SO LP 40M80,81742217175916.2 [Cert]
69RV6LCI2010SO LP 40M79,94842011176417.2 [Cert]
70AB1J2010SO LP 40M76,39837244185716.5 [Cert]
71UR8MH2009SO LP 40M74,38536910206518.5 [Cert]
72UY2UQ2011SO LP 40M74,368456 176621.0 [Cert]
73R4WAA2011SO LP 40M73,6954544186319.2 [Cert]
74EW8OF2014SO LP 40M72,9964288156129.3 [Cert]
75IL3/IT9STX2012SO LP 40M72,35443819136118.3 [Cert]
76US0KS2009SO LP 40M71,81635815176215.6 [Cert]
77VE1AOE2010SO LP 40M71,64226742145711.8 [Cert]
78K7WP2015SO LP 40M71,58634750225123.8 [Cert]
79UT2EF2012SO LP 40M70,48840913156117.3 [Cert]
80CT3KN2005SO LP 40M69,387231     
81G3VMY2011SO LP 40M69,11335528156018.2 [Cert]
82VE3IAE2010SO LP 40M68,97027443165111.8 [Cert]
83UT0NN2012SO LP 40M67,91539716135616.7 [Cert]
84YD1MRI2014SO LP 40M67,36829913224917.4 [Cert]
85DL1AIW2013SO LP 40M64,61040420145729.7 [Cert]
86ON5KQ2005SO LP 40M64,484305     
87IW4EGX2011SO LP 40M64,09230927155611.5 [Cert]
88KE1F/42009SO LP 40M63,95240351184312.8 [Cert]
89UW2F2005SO LP 40M63,840359   UT0FT 
90YV4BCD2010SO LP 40M63,65721839144610.3 [Cert]
91SP2QOT2012SO LP 40M63,62437613146117.9 [Cert]
92UR8QR2013SO LP 40M63,53634615165716.8 [Cert]
93UT5KO2010SO LP 40M63,49535418145313.4 [Cert]
94UT5KO2013SO LP 40M62,37934821145214.9 [Cert]
95K2PO/72010SO LP 40M62,15034853223813.8 [Cert]
96DL1AIW2012SO LP 40M61,98340621156121.0 [Cert]
97F8CDM2008SO LP 40M61,42432710146410.6 [Cert]
98JE2UFF2009SO LP 40M61,10027615245512.6 [Cert]
99S50A2012SO LP 40M60,6872543615485.9 [Cert]
100DL1AIW2014SO LP 40M60,33337013156325.7 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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