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15C5W2015SA LP 20M809,0721,59453299434.3CN8KD[Cert]
2HG5D2013SA LP 20M464,3261,17548349739.4HA8QZ[Cert]
3IW3RUA2015SA LP 20M460,0641,16552319335.6 [Cert]
4LZ9R2013SA LP 20M433,1921,10345319734.8LZ3YY[Cert]
5WH0RU2013SA LP 20M423,65794442308132.2JG7PSJ[Cert]
6F4GGQ2015SA LP 20M355,38892850298539.7 [Cert]
7IZ8EFD2014SA LP 20M347,797888403410539.7 [Cert]
8UR0HQ2013SA LP 20M342,28696641318930.1 [Cert]
9IZ8EFD2015SA LP 20M318,336730503410834.5 [Cert]
10UR0HQ2015SA LP 20M285,15284136288824.9 [Cert]
11Z35X2011SA LP 20M273,76291934257520.0 [Cert]
12YT2AAA2015SA LP 20M261,94772436319438.8 [Cert]
13F4GGQ2014SA LP 20M248,24878641308333.9 [Cert]
14RU5TT2015SA LP 20M228,52076634288328.0R3TE[Cert]
15VE6WQ2014SA LP 20M209,13958856337229.4 [Cert]
16VE6BMX2013SA LP 20M206,88261351266924.5 [Cert]
17YU8NU2014SA LP 20M198,63166332258231.7 [Cert]
18I1ZEU2013SA LP 20M177,30054747267735.4 [Cert]
19E74AA2011SA LP 20M175,26064730257212.9 [Cert]
20YU8NU2013SA LP 20M168,96663034256724.2 [Cert]
21ED2Y2011SA LP 20M163,73770632186319.0EA2KU[Cert]
22UT3XA2013SA LP 20M153,36047236307619.4 [Cert]
23I1ZEU2014SA LP 20M147,31246435288131.8 [Cert]
24W4LC2012SA LP 20M145,42444549267415.7 [Cert]
25SV1BJW2013SA LP 20M142,60059724246723.1 [Cert]
26OM4O2013SA LP 20M139,44053732256333.4OM3NI[Cert]
27TF3PPN2015SA LP 20M124,7165024617517.8 [Cert]
28YO4RDW2015SA LP 20M124,19648324247427.6 [Cert]
29OM4O2012SA LP 20M122,98852626216420.2OM3NI[Cert]
30SM3LBP2015SA LP 20M116,85238432257421.7 [Cert]
31AB1J2013SA LP 20M115,36840842226825.9 [Cert]
32UT1AA2014SA LP 20M113,50548319227424.4 [Cert]
33W4LC2013SA LP 20M111,23236940226612.5 [Cert]
34PA4O2015SA LP 20M106,34435440226414.1 [Cert]
35W4LC2015SA LP 20M105,65735630227119.7 [Cert]
36W4LC2014SA LP 20M105,56034246267316.3 [Cert]
37OM4O2014SA LP 20M105,35248214216932.4OM3NI[Cert]
38IZ1PLH2015SA LP 20M95,48034335216813.4 [Cert]
39YO9CWY2011SA LP 20M90,3074317216917.7 [Cert]
40JT1DA2013SA LP 20M85,526417 216123.7 [Cert]
41EI8GXB2015SA LP 20M80,14239122216821.2 [Cert]
42CO2RVA2015SA LP 20M79,80835648185022.1 [Cert]
43S57EA2011SA LP 20M79,68632322217112.4 [Cert]
444M4C2015SA LP 20M78,77424344205017.3 [Cert]
45OM4O2015SA LP 20M78,32432628215825.2OM3NI[Cert]
46UR4CU2013SA LP 20M74,26037221195415.0 [Cert]
47SP1MHZ2012SA LP 20M70,80132919216111.7 [Cert]
48NY6DX/22014SA LP 20M68,39239941154724.8 [Cert]
49IT9ESW2015SA LP 20M68,2042264324518.6 [Cert]
50OL9R2014SA LP 20M66,66130016256616.0OK6RA[Cert]
51TA1EE2012SA LP 20M65,96545215184614.4 [Cert]
52SN1T2013SA LP 20M63,16230726205316.7 [Cert]
53R3BB2014SA LP 20M60,5443479205711.1 [Cert]
54RN2A2015SA LP 20M57,12020316287521.8 [Cert]
55RA0WHE2015SA LP 20M57,0382976205320.8 [Cert]
56DK9FEC2014SA LP 20M55,20026817186115.7 [Cert]
57CT3FW2014SA LP 20M51,92021716175521.4 [Cert]
58PD4RD2015SA LP 20M51,84227218215915.0 [Cert]
59KP2DX2013SA LP 20M47,9402323313399.1KP2BH[Cert]
60K5ND2014SA LP 20M47,50231551244224.5 [Cert]
61IT9SFT2013SA LP 20M45,34920813246414.7 [Cert]
624M5L2013SA LP 20M45,10518526165113.0YV5LI[Cert]
63F4EGZ2013SA LP 20M38,3132261615508.7 [Cert]
64UY5QJ2015SA LP 20M34,68615619185712.7 [Cert]
65SV5BYR2013SA LP 20M33,6052481410413.3 [Cert]
66DJ2XC2013SA LP 20M32,1101452619507.4 [Cert]
67DL5GAC2015SA LP 20M30,6271572515439.5 [Cert]
68JF6RIM2015SA LP 20M28,4251438194812.4 [Cert]
69ED5V2013SA LP 20M27,86415625184315.0 [Cert]
70IT9AUH2015SA LP 20M27,255191915459.0 [Cert]
71IW2FUT2015SA LP 20M26,35014421164812.6 [Cert]
72PY2HN2015SA LP 20M25,83013432173317.6 [Cert]
73G4WGE2014SA LP 20M24,8251561216479.8 [Cert]
74YO9AGN2014SA LP 20M24,7002601103914.7 [Cert]
75S57LR2012SA LP 20M23,6341381618444.9 [Cert]
76GM4OSS2015SA LP 20M22,9081687154711.2 [Cert]
77N7DB2015SA LP 20M22,89213841193718.0 [Cert]
78E72MM2015SA LP 20M22,57013512184415.2 [Cert]
79KF6A/82011SA LP 20M21,945103819504.8 [Cert]
80W2DZ2014SA LP 20M20,8051182312385.7 [Cert]
81JF6RIM2014SA LP 20M20,3001306204418.0 [Cert]
82OH6BA2015SA LP 20M20,296159815368.3 [Cert]
83F5DRD2015SA LP 20M19,8001501315387.0 [Cert]
849A3TY2013SA LP 20M19,6651401714386.7 [Cert]
85UX7LL2012SA LP 20M15,240112617372.4 [Cert]
86PE1PKR2011SA LP 20M14,080128512385.7 [Cert]
87ZP8T2013SA LP 20M13,70210515153211.9K2DER[Cert]
88YB1LZ2015SA LP 20M12,906974163413.4 [Cert]
89UA9UX2015SA LP 20M12,610721915317.0 [Cert]
90EC7KW2012SA LP 20M11,682931713364.0 [Cert]
91JT1BE2011SA LP 20M11,440117 13312.1 [Cert]
92DL1ALX2013SA LP 20M11,1691106113414.7 [Cert]
93K2RET2015SA LP 20M10,788761513302.0 [Cert]
94KP4JRS2014SA LP 20M10,28296349101.7 [Cert]
95PY4XX2015SA LP 20M10,080652613172.6 [Cert]
96JS1IFK2011SA LP 20M9,984871143310.2 [Cert]
97JH5FTY2014SA LP 20M9,75061520405.9 [Cert]
98YB1LZ2014SA LP 20M6,90955215323.3 [Cert]
99JO3PSJ2014SA LP 20M6,556635152426.9 [Cert]
100RA9UN2015SA LP 20M4,64145112262.1 [Cert]
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(R) = Rookie overlay category
(T) = Tribander/Wires overlay category

Italics = Log received after deadline. Not eligible for awards.


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