Welcome to the official web site of CQ World Wide RTTY Contest.

Held each year on the last full weekend of September, the contest draws over 15,000 participants and over 3300 log submittals from around the world.

MixW Cabrillo Logs

Many of the Cabrillo format problems in submitted logs are from MixW users. There is a new DLL for CQ WW RTTY that must be used.  See MixW Notes for details.


"A Look at the CQ WW RTTY Contest" A PVRC-sponsored webinar was held on 19 September 2010, 1900-2030UTC. The recording is available at the link above. Agenda:

  • History of CQ WW RTTY
  • Distinctive rules from the CW/SSB CQ WW events
  • Score Database
  • Plaques and Certificates
  • Logging considerations
  • Log Check Reports
  • Stories and Pictures
  • PDF of the slides shown.


September 24-25, 2016

Starts: 0000 GMT Saturday
Ends: 2359 GMT Sunday

Identical wording is used for both the RTTY and CW/SSB rules where the intent is the same. However, there are some key differences for the RTTY:

  • No 1.8 MHz operation
  • Multi-Single:
    8-band-changes per clock hour, rather than a 10-minute rule

  • Contact points:
    -  Different-country contacts within any continent (not just North America) get 2 points
    -  Same-country contacts get 1 point

  • Third multiplier for QSOs with US/VE stations

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2016 Rules

Note: If you can translate to other languages, please send to the contest director.

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